February 6, 2023


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[2023 أحدث المعلومات]How to reset iPhone to factory default settings[PassFab iPhone Unlock]| Press release

PassFab iPhone Unlock, a new product from software development company PassFab Co., Ltd, recommended by many media around the world, has been updated to the latest version 3.1.0 on January 13th. PassFab iPhone Unlock is a professional iPhone screen unlock software.

[PassFab iPhone Unlock Official Website]https://bit.ly/3vOhULB

[نقاط تحديث PassFab iPhone Unlock]

1. Enhanced Screen Time Passcode unlock function.

[قائمة وظائف PassFab iPhone Unlock]

1.Fast – Unlock screen lock / iCloud lock in minutes

2.Secure – Bypass Screen Time/MDM lock without data loss

3.Easy to use – easily open on your own at home

4.Compatibility – Compatible with all iOS versions and devices

In addition to fixing iPhone problems, preventing misuse when lost, deleting data when transferring or selling, and resetting iPhone as a new device when you forget the lock screen passcode, factory reset your iPhone. It may be necessary to restore (initialize) the factory settings. However, since it is not a process that is done every day, I think it may take some time when a quick response is required.In this article, there are 4 ways to reset your iPhoneWe will provide for you, so please refer to it so that you can respond smoothly according to the situation.

● Contents
What happens when you reset your iPhone to factory settings?
What are the precautions before resetting iPhone to factory settings?
● How to reset iPhone to factory default settings?
● Method 1: Restore iPhone to factory state using PassFab iPhone Unlock software[التوصية الأولى]
● Second method: Restore factory settings from iPhone settings
● Method 3: Restore factory settings using iTunes
● Method 4: Restore factory settings from Find My iPhone
● Summary

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What happens when you reset your iPhone to factory settings?

When you reset your iPhone to factory settings, all data such as photos, contacts, music, and other data stored on the device will be erased, along with all settings such as passcodes, Wi-Fi, and location information. Also, the latest version of iOS will be installed automatically. This comes in handy when you want to erase all the data on the device and use it as a new device, or when you want to solve a temporary issue with iOS. Deleted data can be recovered immediately if there is a backup.

What should I pay attention to before factory resetting my iPhone?

First of all, if you restore your iPhone to factory settings, all the data on the device will be deleted, so be sure to create a backup of the data using iCloud or iTunes. Also, if you format the iPhone with Find My iPhone turned on, you may not be able to use the iPhone after formatting unless you sign in with the Apple ID you used until then. When selling or giving away, be sure to turn off the Find My iPhone function. In addition, in order to transfer the transfer IC card (such as Suica) to a new iPhone, it is necessary to delete the IC card from the “Wallet” app on the old device, transfer the LINE chat history, and set up the LINE screen Please note that you need to backup the history Your chat from

How to factory reset an iPhone?

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Here are 4 ways to reset your iPhone.

Method 1: Restore iPhone to factory default settings with Professional Software PassFab iPhone Unlock[التوصية الأولى]

[PassFab iPhone Unlock]Download: https://bit.ly/3vOhULB

First, the most recommended way is to use the professional software PassFab iPhone Unlock to reset your iPhone quickly and easily. As long as you have an iPhone and a computer handy, you don’t need to enter your device passcode or Apple ID, so you can use it even if you forget your passcode and can’t unlock the screen. In addition, because the operation is performed on a computer, it can be used even when the clicking operation cannot be performed normally due to problems such as screen defects. A simple operating procedure is shown for each step, so even those who are not good at computer operation can follow the configuration work smoothly.

Step 1:Launch PassFab iPhone Unlock on your computer and click the “Start Unlock” button on the menu screen.

Step 2:Connect the computer and iPhone with a USB cable, when the device is recognized, a Start button will appear, so click on it.

Step 3:The latest iOS firmware will be detected, so select the save destination and click Download.

Step 4:After the firmware download is complete, click “Start Unlock”.

Step 5:It is complete when the following screen is displayed.