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200 games you must play!  (122) – Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – SHOCK2

200 games you must play! (122) – Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – SHOCK2

Metal Gear Solid: Peace WalkerNot only is it rightly considered one of the best PlayStation Portable (PSP) games, but it is also an official part of Metal equipment The main series and chronologically in 1974 in Costa Rica, located between Portable operations And Many zeros.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker It was self-contained, complete Metal equipmentExperience, despite working on such a small, modest system. After events Snake eater situation Protesters for peace With two game modes focusing on pick-up-and-down gameplay: Mission and Mother Base.

The former was the main campaign/story and told in digestible, bite-sized mission sections, while the latter expanded on the army management gameplay already featured in Portable operations It was hinted at and then the Phantom pain It should be expanded further. He concluded in this regard Protesters for peace The gap between the original parts and all subsequent parts of Metal Gear Solid. After playing through all of the single-player content, there was a multiplayer mode where you could play co-op or in deathmatch with friends, and there was a lot of additional content that you could download using the PSP network via the add-ons menu.

Sure, this DLC was more cosmetic in nature, like there were a few different clothing items for the characters, or extra music for the Walkman (hey, does anyone remember that?), but it was easy to get lost in what seemed like fate There's no end to the content included in such a small package. Protesters for peace It was and still is one of the best Metal Gears games of all time.

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A remastered version of the game, titled Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – HD Edition, was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as part of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. The game will also be part of Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol Which will be released for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, as well as Nintendo Switch.

System: PlayStation Portable
Developer: Kojima Productions
year: 2010

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