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10 exciting Apple Arcade games to try

10 exciting Apple Arcade games to try

Apple Arcade, Apple’s premium gaming service, already had a fair number of games on its platform, until a major update last month – the largest since the service launched in 2019 – brought 32 new options, for a total of 180 games on Arcadian.

Of these 32 newcomers, a re-reading of chess was included (Chess – Play & Learn +(Sudoku)Good sudoku +), And reissue of classics, such as Badland +And the Cut the ropeAnd the Fruit Ninja e SongPop Party, In addition to launching new games such as Fantasian e NBA 2K21.

The platform can be accessed and played by iOS, or on iPhone or iPod, through macOS on Mac, iPadOS on iPad, or via tvOS, on Apple TV, through your TV.

Among the new games and re-releases of the classics, check out 10 Apple Arcade games that are on the rise among their users:

SpongeBob: In Search of Hamburgers

SpongeBob is a popular TV icon and stars in this adventure game where the main objective is to restore the crab burger formula. To do this, you need to collect coins and save your friends – like Patrick Estrela, Sandy Pochach, Lola Molosko, and Seo Serekijo – from the clutches of villains, like Plankton and Ray Jellyfish. Developed by Nickelodeon, SpongeBob: In Search of Hamburgers It takes place in Fenda do Bikini and has the familiar voices of an official cartoon cast.

SpongeBob: In Search of the Hamburger, from Apple Arcade. Screen Capture: Lucas Witten (Canaltec)

Cut the rope (remastered)

Winning a series of awards since its launch, it’s a classic mobile game, this time recreated in 3D. The desired goal is Cut the rope It cuts strings strategically, to avoid obstacles and bring food straight into the mouth of the game’s protagonist, the little green monster On Nom.

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Cut the rope (remastered), make an Apple Arcade. Captura de Tela: Lucas Witten (Canaltec)

Fruit Ninja Classic +

Another mobile classic, in this game, you must be skilled enough to cut as many fruits appearing on the screen of your device as possible before they fall to the ground. Of course the challenge increases, when bombs are dropped on the screen in the middle of the fruits and you can’t mix and chop them either. With the release of several new, classic game modes Fruit Ninja It is still very popular among users.

Fruit Ninja Classic +, make an Apple Arcade. Captura de Tela: Lucas Witten (Canaltec)

Miniature highways

A game to sap traffic-induced stress – or maybe even more stress, like Miniature highways It involves having to avoid traffic congestion in a city that is growing more and more while playing the game. Based on a similar version of the metro line construction ( Mini Metro +, Also found in Apple Arcade), in this strategy game it is imperative to keep the traffic flowing on the streets and take care of the architectural changes that must take place to meet the new demands of the city.

Mini Motorways, and Apple Arcade. Captura de Tela: Lucas Witten (Canaltec)

NBA 2K21 (Arcade Edition)

With nice graphics thanks to a new graphics engine, this basketball game lets you play with stars like Damian Lillard, Steph Curry, Zion Williamson, Chris Paul, Anthony Davis, and more. It is possible to play with up to two friends online in the multiplayer mode, or to play alone in Career mode. Furthermore it, NBA 2K21 It also has Quick Start on Blacktop and Quick Start in Arena modes, with this second showcase for up to 30 official NBA arenas for you to get into the field and do your best.

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NBA 2K21, is the Apple Arcade. Captura de Tela: Lucas Witten (Canaltec)

Pac-Man Party Royal

Another superhero classic, this time in a more interactive format. With the new Battle Arena mode, you can play multiplayer with opponents from around the world or with your friends online in a number of new game modes. With this and many other news, Pac-Man Party Royal It’s light years before the original arcade format.

Pac-Man Party Royale, make an Apple Arcade. Captura de Tela: Lucas Witten (Canaltec)

Skate City

Explore the streets of Los Angeles, Barcelona and Oslo in the best way: skiing, performing drastic maneuvers, further improving your skills and increasing levels. at Skate City-There are over hundreds of different tricks for you to learn, and you can still customize your in-game Skate store items to suit your outfit for the best skater style. Special emphasis on the soundtrack, with Lo-fi beats perfect for practicing your maneuvers.

Skate City, is Apple Arcade. Captura de Tela: Lucas Witten (Canaltec)

Sneaky sasquatch

Elected as a Game of the Year 2020 winner from Apple Arcade, in this super fun adventure game you are a mega-guy on the loose in a camp and you need to turn around to feed yourself, looking for food from the camp or in the trash. As you go ahead Sneaky sasquatchYou enter town and you can do things that humans usually do, as long as you disguise yourself in one outfit. Oh, and always remember to mute it, okay?

Sneaky Sasquatch, make an Apple Arcade. Captura de Tela: Lucas Witten (Canaltec)

SongPop Party

What is this song ?! Another classic, SongPop Party It basically consists of knowing the song that is playing and clicking on the correct answer as quickly as possible. In Party mode, you can play with up to 8 friends online, to challenge them to a music competition of any kind or contract. It is also possible to play solo, in single mode, or to test your musical knowledge against players from all over the world in arena mode.

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SongPop Party, make an Apple Arcade. Captura de Tela: Lucas Witten (Canaltec)

Sonic racing

Another very familiar icon from the gaming world, this time in a super-fast adventure, Sonic racing He brings the same goal of collecting coins with the famous blue hedgehog, but now using racing cars, with his well-known friends, Tails and Amy. Even on devices like the iPhone – or iPad, without using the smart keyboard – the usability is very good and promises a lot of fun.

Sonic Racing, is Apple Arcade. Captura de Tela: Lucas Witten (Canaltec)

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