June 14, 2024


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Katzitini ahoy!  Now “Cat Quest III” for Nintendo Switch and

Katzitini ahoy! Now “Cat Quest III” for Nintendo Switch and

Set sail for the ultimate feline adventure in Cat Quest III! Explore the mysterious world of pirates in Mauritius. Pre-order the best RPG adventure of the year now.

TV Movie/PR

Strong comeback

with “Cat Quest IIIThe popular suave role-playing game returns to your screen! In this colorful 2.5D action RPG, you will play as brave cats and explore the pirate island of Meauritius. With improved fighting techniques and many new weapons you can face the challenges of the game world. Whether solo or in local co-op, no one is safe from these cute cats.

“Cat Quest III” is already clear On August 8th Anchor and sail on Nintendo Switch And the PlayStation 5 In a hairy sea. In the physical version of the game, you can expect not only the gameplay, but also a solid navigation map and a solid sticker sheet.

The physical copy of “Cat Quest III” comes with great extras! Photo: TVMovie/PR

Sailing and exploring

For the first time in the history of the Cat Quest series, you can pilot your own ship. Sail the open seas of Schnorribek, explore diverse biomes and land on exotic shores to find hidden treasures and secret dungeons. Collect powerful artifacts, learn new spells, and outfit yourself in adorable purring costumes.

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In search of treasure

in “Cat Quest III“You are the captain of your own story. Set a course for Myoretius Island adventures, solve puzzles and unlock the secrets of the Treasure of the North Star. Meet quirky characters and help them solve their problems to earn valuable rewards. Every decision impacts your path through the game.

Get “Cat Quest III” now from Amazon as well as other popular retailers like Thalia. The title is not currently listed on GameStop and MediaMarkt. Don't miss this fun cat ride!

“Cat Quest III” combines exciting adventures with humorous elements and offers the perfect blend of action, strategy and role-playing elements. It is the perfect game for anyone looking for a fun and challenging gaming experience.

So we have good news for all you Switch cats: you can get “Cat Quest” and “Cat Quest 2” for Switch in Pawsome pack. In the first two parts of this cute RPG series, you will be transported into fantasy worlds and exciting sci-fi adventures.