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▷ Hitlers Überflieger - ein Geschichtsroman mit dem Weg eines Unternehmensberaters

▷ This Talks to the Bones – Biographical Thriller

07.2021 – 14:11

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That Speaks to the Bones is a biographical film about the well-known dentist Professor Edde.

If the doctor has a good idea or develops a new procedure that works for the patient or makes treatment cheaper and faster, it is best to hide the discovery as quickly as possible so as not to harm him. Focused emotions of colleagues. Dr. Stefan Edd ignored this ancient medical wisdom, and devoted all his creative energy to implementing a revolutionary method in dental implants. He had to deal with his colleagues directly and also with influential officials in the various health systems. The biographical thriller tells how he succeeded and who the opponents were.

This book is also aimed at the interested lay person (who may be faced with choosing a transplant method). After studying this book, the reader will know more about the possibilities of dental implants today.

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About the author:

Dr. Over 15 years of research, Stefan Ihde has developed instant loading implants, a highly effective dental implant, coordinated implants and accessories. In this way, even the most difficult cases can be treated quickly, safely and effectively.

Immediate loading dental implants allow faster and more reliable results than traditional methods. Practically all patients are fit and receive fixed teeth on implants within a maximum of three days. Even previously “desperate” cases, for example smokers and those suffering from diabetes or osteoporosis, can be successfully treated in this way and their smile returns within a few days. With this procedure, there is no longer a need for bone augmentation.

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With the help of its technology, a stable treatment result can be achieved in almost 100% of cases. Another benefit is the almost complete absence of implant peritonitis, a serious inflammation often associated with conventional procedures. Immediate loading dental implants avoids the difficult and long processes of bone augmentation and implantation. This enables a fixed set of teeth in a significantly shorter time and reduces treatment costs.

His method is based on the surgical art of understanding the bones and careful analysis of fatal errors in all previous procedures. Stefan Ed has made a quantum leap in dental implants on his own. With his immense creative power and foresight, he led the profession into new terrain and into a whole new future.

“For me, dental implants start where others have given up.” Stephen Ed

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