September 23, 2021


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Grandma and Weather Location - Children's Book -

Grandma and Weather Location – Children’s Book –

Henrietta, Baby and Harry come running… and burp loudly and with pleasure! Two young townspeople, Elsa and Max, laugh at each other pervertedly as the three oddly-behaved belong to a herd of cows in a meadow amidst two “masticating lanes” – the ruminants stop!😉 The children’s book “Ilsa and Max – Summer Stories” by Austrian author J. Elisabeth, whose narrative voice is from a small town high in the Alps, is about exciting experiences in nature and on a farm. This review is the sixth post in Our summer holiday series “Children’s Books from Austria and South Tyrol”.

Elsa and Max, school friends from a town in Austria, bravely face the adventures this summer has to offer in this volume. Little Elsa first has to fight terrible boredom on a perfectly rainy day: she sits on the sofa with the family dog ​​Ringo, who is more impatient than dear Elsa. But the appearance of her spirited grandmother puts an abrupt end to the hanging out. The fairy old lady is equipped with two “weather zones” (note to those who usually wear Friesian mink when it rains: the weather spot is the raincoat) and wants to go into the woods with her granddaughter to look for strawberries.

Small but great!

The two of them packed with water, jogging through the heavy summer rain to a nearby forest. City native Elsa is not surprised here Bad when you actually find strawberries. When you taste it right away, you notice these cranberries are tiny, but other than that: Oh! Very beautiful! The cups fill up quickly. But on the way back through the woods, the dog suddenly started to growl like crazy and sounded the alarm! Something that deeply worries a loyal guardian…

shattered lightning

In another chapter, Ilsa and Max are allowed to spend a hot day off together on a farm. Max is especially happy about this, because he would like to introduce Elsa to a new friend. The girl was very excited when she finally got to know the Lightning Bolt. The new friend is a calf with particularly soft fur that loves proper petting and crawling units. And as a thank you, Blitz then licks the kids’ fingers with his rough tongue and hits them with the bait. Blitz lives with other calves and suckling cows in a secluded pasture, where he can grow peacefully outdoors.

Erotic cows!

Children enjoy country life to the fullest: they refresh themselves by bathing in the pond, snack on homemade fruit quark and listen to farmers’ stories. The two kids find the cows the most exciting, because these turf specialists have to choke on their meals for a second digestion. Ilsa and Max do not imagine that it will be so easy, and Ilsa secretly finds it disgusting: “Cows vomit!”.

The Finnish hedgehog has a secret!

The final chapter of this summer book also takes you to Elsa’s grandmother’s garden, which the kids made hedgehog-resistant in the spring—with a little help from their parents. Grandma excitedly tells the children about a big secret about the little Finnish hedgehog. The kids took care of this Finn in the fall because he was too light for his long hibernation. With this hedgehog news, Ilsa and Max can no longer be stopped. Go to Grandma! Adventure calls!🤗🤗

Learning through conversation

Through the popular children’s book series “Elsa and Max,” Austrian author J. Elisabeth allows her young novelists to experience adventures in nature, where they can learn a lot about plants and animals in all four seasons. Through these books, author and environmental expert J. Elizabeth offers young readers of 6 years of age exciting experiences and a lot of interesting information in a lively and humorous way. The interpretation is done in a completely non-dogmatic way through original conversations between children and adults. Due to the short chapters and manageable number of pages, the book is also a great pleasure for first-time readers, who can test their newly acquired specialized knowledge in a funny quiz at the end.

Bottom line: This irresistible children’s book full of summer happiness is the perfect holiday book for nature lovers big and small! Absolute reading recommendation!


We presented the author J. Elizabeth in an interview at Lasering:

Elisabeth: Ilsa und Max – Sommergeschichten, published in 2018 by the publisher via tolino media, recommended for children from 6 years, 20 pages, €4.49 (as e-book) The books can be ordered as e-books from hugendubel and thalia. If you want to print the books, just visit the author’s website: 1 Euro will be donated for every e-book sold for a good cause.

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