August 7, 2022


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George Arthur Goldschmidt, Requiem for his brother

George Arthur Goldschmidt, Requiem for his brother

Siblings are bonded to each other throughout their lives. Their relationship is usually determined in childhood. For Erich, it began on May 2, 1928 with an insult: “The parents’ voices sounded different, often anxious or tense. They were not quite there for him anymore. He heard the little brother’s first name more and more and his name less and less.” The person writing this He is a competitor to the love of parents. He remained the junior who, only with his presence, also affected the perception of Big Brother. At the age of ninety, George Arthur Goldschmidt wrote a book with a shocking emotional impact: The Dead End.

Why does the novel have this effect? This is primarily due to their subjective background, the bureaucratic affiliation of the boys in Judaism, which was fatal in their childhood years in Europe. Although the family had already converted to Protestantism in the mid-nineteenth century, the father lost his position as a supreme regional judge in Hamburg in October 1934. He had “avoided explaining in any way the reason for his release. The boy could not have known about” restore the German civil service,” Goldschmidt wrote. Eric was then ten years old, and Jürgen Arthur, as his birth name was, was six years old.

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