November 30, 2021


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▷ Do not heat up – HAD® Next Level kit with infrared technology

16.11.2021 – 10:36

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Nothing heats up

The multifunctional towels from the HAD® range of outdoor accessories experts ‘next level’ sustainably increase the feeling of warmth thanks to innovative infrared technology – perfect for cold days!

Those who like being outside on cold days and aren’t afraid of the harsh conditions on the water need clothing and accessories that will keep you reliably warm. Many outdoor and water sports enthusiasts swear by the multifunctional winter tubular fabrics, which protect the head, neck, face and ears from cold and wind thanks to the endless carrying options. HAD® Multifunctional Towels go one step further in terms of warmth: the HAD® Next Level range has been specially developed for particularly cold and hot conditions using innovative infrared technology.

FAR Infrared (FIR): This is how it works

Infrared radiation is called thermal radiation. Thermolite-Pro fibers have been developed to reflect the body’s thermal radiation. Ceramic nanopowders are incorporated into the fibers during the polymerization process. FAR INFRARED fibers transmit energy in the form of heat, which thermal receptors in human skin perceive as radiant heat. The Infrared Technology of the Next Level range provides a real advantage in warmth, especially in the cold-sensitive neck and head area. THERMOLITE® FAR INFRARED TECHNOLOGY DOES NOT WASH OUT, SO THE EFFECT DOESN’T WELCOME.

Another advantage: Because it is a hollow fiber, the fabric is much lighter than traditional multi-functional towels. You have more insulation with much less weight.

Read the detailed press release about the next level reversible HAD collection here.

The entire press material is available for easy download here:

You can also easily request samples here.

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