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▷ A Jewish Wedding – A Novel by Carl Peter Schwartz

04.05.2021 – 11:40

Click Books & Authors – Hauke ​​Wagner

Today I’d like to introduce you to the novel “The Jewish Wedding” by Carl Peter Schwartz.

Sara’s Jewish family will live in the Ruhr and Haifa areas in the near future. As a journalist, she wants to determine the degree of danger to Jewish citizens shortly before the supposed electoral victory of the National Party in North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition, it conducts classified research on the chances of hundreds of thousands of non-essential people remaining in collectively controlled residential areas, which includes more and more areas in northwestern Essen. People are largely left there to use their own devices and go through strict self-help regimes for citizens.

A drone attack on the Labor Day marquee killed hundreds and injured the wounded. Muslims and refugees are wrongly accused. The massacres and attacks aim to accelerate the passage of a bill to deport all Muslims, refugees and immigrants from the European Union. Sarah falls in love with undercover activist Hans and ends up in the line of fire for neo-fascist and Islamist terrorist groups.

Sara and the Movement for Civil Democracy defend counter evidence with armed force against paramilitary units, led by informants from the already infiltrated state government. Documents and people at risk are airlifted to Haifa, putting Sarah’s family at great risk.

Curious? I am delighted that you knew more about this book and would like to read it and then decided whether or not to post a review on the book. Do you have any questions about the book? Do you want to arrange an interview? Do you want a reading copy? You can inquire from me directly at [email protected].

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For the book: Jewish Wedding by Karl Peter Schwartz, 450 pages, 19.80 euros, ISBN: 9783898573092

About the author: Author Karl Peter Schwartz was born in Essen in 1951 and now lives in Regensburg. After completing technical vocational training, he studied special education, social education, and social and economic corporate management. PhD at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Recently the head of a corporation subject to public law.

I am glad to hear from you.


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