September 26, 2022


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[بوكيمون جو]problem!  who is this!?  It looks like the super famous Pokemon...?  The correct answer is very surprising |  AppBank

[بوكيمون جو]problem! who is this!? It looks like the super famous Pokemon…? The correct answer is very surprising | AppBank

Pokemon GO]The 104th Illustrator Illustration Contest revived!

It is a little different from the previous styles

This demonstration project was launched as a special project at the beginning of 2020. This time since it has been revived at the request of readersChapter 104

This project is authored by AppBank.netedamameI am the author of the Pokemon illustrations drawn by the illustrator.fiSees and hits pokemon.

I recently changed my mind and changed to a silhouette test instead of a demonstration test.

By the way, the previous content is here.

The last test was a very difficult question, but did you get the right answer?

By the way, this week…?

A question!

Is he a bad guy in Akita Prefecture?

Click here for artist comments.

It’s not Namahage.

Come to the cold archipelago of Monster Hunter…?

It’s not a mess (laughs)

I got a good reaction.

However, this is a difficult problem. Is this horn on the head or the ears.. and the tail is stiff as well. No, but I’m wondering if that’s the tail…

The painter hit the stab lightly here.

graphicallyThe trunk is not strangeFor this.
It may be necessary to move away from the idea of ​​having a head on top and legs on top.

yes? Is there such a thing??

Does it mean that the one at the top was presented…!?

Probably inspired by Twintail (The Return of Ultraman)… (laughs)

No, I did as expected, but it’s probably a torso (laughs)

However it is the body (white)

Painter easily admits.

Aside from any irregularities, the basic silhouette looks like a super popular Pokemon…?

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By the way, what answer did you get from this consideration…? (Please think with your readers)

Pointed ears at the top! A rough tail!

The answer derived from this is…

pokemon mouse”I wore a pokemon hatPikachu“is not it!

By the way, the correct answer is…?

The correct answer is…
It was Rayquaza Cap Pikachu!

What or what!

I removed the material in time!

It’s a technique that dares to bypass limited pikachu instead of pokeka cap pikachu now (smile)

Guo, it’s done. When I said it was last year’s story, the animator Tsukumi gave me a sharpie.

Not last year.


oh,two years agoOh…!

It was a time when the passage of time overwhelmed me. The painter also commented on this.

The flow of time is very fast… It’s about a long-running sequence of over 100 painter tests (laughs).
I hope the special Pikachu will be revived here soon.

Certainly! It would be interesting to have an output event done in one go.

So this week’s quiz, the correct answer is “Rayquaza hatFromPikachu“I was.

By the way, click here to get “Rayquaza Hat Pikachu” in the game.

The story is changing, but in reality, we are still recruiting illustrative material. If you have a Pokemon that you’d like to see as an illustration, please feel free to apply for the theme within common sense!

That’s it for this week’s silhouette contest! Looking forward to next time!

The latest article from the Illustrated Illustration Contest

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