December 2, 2023


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“Bing Image Creator” Preview released – AI will turn it into an image if you explain it in text – Mado no Mori

“Bing Image Creator” Preview released – AI will turn it into an image if you explain it in text – Mado no Mori

Microsoft previews Bing Image Creator on desktop and mobile

On March 21 (local time), Microsoft released a preview of “Bing Image Creator” on desktop and mobile. It will be introduced in the new Bing and Microsoft Edge.

Bing Image Creator is an AI function that creates and suggests images from scratch based on text descriptions. After it was announced last year, there wasn’t much movement, but it’s finally available. OpenAI AI image creation “DALL-E 2” is used inside.

Bing Image Creator requires a Microsoft account, but there is no waiting list or initial cost.「「If you access, you can use it immediately for free. However, if the initial 25 reinforcements are depleted, image creation may slow down.

Go to “”. There is a gallery of AI generated images and a text box for prompt input. History of prompts and generated images can also be accessed.

When you enter the prompt “A group of cats performing Awa Odori,” it will generate and suggest images that look like them.

Image generated. A “Bing” icon has been added to the bottom left to indicate that the image has been generated by AI.

It can also be used from the AI ​​chat function of “Edge” (coming soon). Tap the “b” icon in the upper right corner of the screen to put the chat into “Origality” mode, which creates images based on text prompts.

It is also built-in AI chat function for “Edge”. Only supported in Authenticity mode for now

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Bing Image Creator still has an issue creating inappropriate images, but the company says it has its own countermeasures in addition to OpenAI’s protections. If the system detects that the prompt may generate malicious images, it will block the prompt and warn the user.

In addition, to make it clear that the Image Creator image was created by AI, a “Bing” icon is added to the bottom left of the generated image.

Note that prompts are currently only available in English. The company plans to expand the supported languages ​​over time.

Routers currently only support English