July 20, 2024


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Zurich – PR Hire, Global PR Agency, Technology

Zurich – PR Hire, Global PR Agency, Technology

Rent a PR launches Rent AI PR and announces collaboration with Catapult Solutions, UK / Focus on transformational, humane and ethical AI communications / Creating an AI-ready corporate culture

Includes extended offer Advice and support in transforming communications From large companies and small and medium companies Develop and implement corporate communication strategies based on artificial intelligence, Urgent engineering to communications companies, Humanizing texts based on artificial intelligencethe Develop ethical strategies (Internal and external communication). In addition to Humanized storytelling In media work, branding, customer communication and public relations Multi-channel communications In collaboration with Catapult Solutions, a AI-powered culture.

What does “AI-powered culture” mean?

Brigitte Capps, CEO and Founder of Rent a PR“The disruptive nature of digital transformation has an impact on the structure, strategy and culture of companies,” he says. “This change requires appropriate corporate communication. In addition to the communication requirements, with Catapult Solutions we have a strong and experienced partner who supports organizations and the management will successfully accompany us through the transformation process and create an AI-ready culture.” This company is an important step for our international growth strategy.

Catapult Solutions Focuses on AI integration and strategy development, talent assessment and development, cultural transformation, risk management and ethical AI in organizations. The UK-based company uses pioneering research findings to Nobel Prize nominees doctor. Robert S. Hartman In the field of values ​​research.

It is accurate and objective Profiling tool Axiomtrix® It helps companies identify, analyze and develop the culture that empowers them Make the most of their employees and AI to drive better business performance.

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It is important for companies to understand that they are not creating an AI culture, but rather a culture that enables AI. This requires core values, proper risk management, ethical standards, career development to empower people and appropriate communication. “We are excited to partner with Rent a PR to create a powerful AI culture ecosystem for businesses that not only adapt to change, but thrive in it.” Andrea Burns, CEO and Founder of Catapult Solutions, Best-selling authorGood Culture: Align your people, profits, and purpose for the greater good“.

About us:

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Zurich, Rent a PR AG is an international PR and corporate communications consultancy. The firm works with over 30 freelancers worldwide and advises on all communication topics such as AI transaction communications, M&A transactions, IPOs, crisis communications, CEO branding topics, social media outreach, and press conferences. In the metaverse and much more www.rentapr.ch

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Brigitte Capps +41 79 2892042, [email protected]

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