July 20, 2024


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LinkedIn tests AI assistance |  OnlineMarketing.de

LinkedIn tests AI assistance | OnlineMarketing.de

LinkedIn would like to offer users new opportunities to access information directly on the platform without having to leave it and is testing AI assistance for this purpose.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more important in marketing. Last year, LinkedIn launched a number of AI-powered tools for recruiters and job seekers, including AI-powered applicant search and coaching features.

And now the business network is piloting an AI assistance feature for LinkedIn Premium Members based on Microsoft's AI technology. Social media expert Leah Haberman, among others, discovered this new functionality and shared it on LinkedIn. Premium members can chat with an AI assistant to learn more about a specific company or topic.

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AI Assistance is LinkedIn's first major AI product aimed directly at consumers rather than corporate clients like recruiters. While other social networks like Snapchat have been testing and introducing similar AI-powered assistance features in the past year, this feature represents an important step for LinkedIn.

How the new AI assistant works

LinkedIn's AI help prompts users to learn more about a particular company or topic when it appears in a post in their LinkedIn feed. The information provided comes from the publicly posted posts of over one billion LinkedIn users worldwide as well as results from Microsoft's Bing search engine.

If the user clicks on the prompt, they are taken to a chat box where they can ask the AI ​​assistant for more information. At the beginning of the conversation, it was mentioned that the feature is in beta and may contain bugs. Additionally, entries are subject to Microsoft's data protection guidelines. The AI ​​Assistant's answers are marked “Powered by Bing” and are personalized based on the user's skills and experience.

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A member of LinkedIn's panel of speakers describes feed prompts as cognitive insights for the news magazine Axios. The company has gotten good results from testing so far. With the new AI-powered assistant function, LinkedIn can offer users even greater added value.

LinkedIn is also introducing new AI options in the B2B sector so marketers can more easily design campaigns.


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