December 1, 2023


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Zalando has discontinued the rating function – STYLEBOOK

Zalando has discontinued the rating function – STYLEBOOK

November 10, 2023 at 11:47 am |
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Until recently, you could provide reviews for individual items in the Zalando online store. A very useful function to recognize quality but also convenient. This option has now been deactivated. STYLEBOOK KNOWS THE DETAILS.

Now you can rate everything online: services, restaurants, places or products. There are even platforms that specialize only in customer reviews. Until recently, the Zalando online store also offered its customers the opportunity to evaluate the product after purchasing it.

Zalando cancels reviews

However, Zalando recently removed the ranking option. Previously, it was possible to then rate the purchased item and write a short review as well. For example, about the quality of the item and material or about fit. This means that other customers can see if a pair of shoes is larger or smaller before ordering, and based on other customers’ previous experiences, they can avoid making a bad purchase.

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Now the Zalando online store in Berlin has decided to remove these reviews from the platform, the old reviews are gone and new ones cannot be written either. However, Zalando did not want to comment on the STYLEBOOK order by press time.

Negative reviews on Zalando

Of the large number of products that Zalando now offers, only a small portion of them have received customer review. This is said to be one of the reasons the company decided to cancel reviews. According to Zalando, only three percent of customers left a rating or review after purchasing, according to the site.”Uniform fashion” mentioned.

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There were also many negative reviews among the reviews provided, with many customers writing only one when there is something to complain about, i.e. the quality is not adequate or other expectations are not met. It should also be noted that reviews of fashion items always reflect a personal opinion. What one person likes and suits well may not be the case for another person.