March 3, 2024


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Young at heart [Gewinnspiel] |

Young at heart [Gewinnspiel] |


It was pure coincidence that brought the two together in December 2006. Shauna (Fanny Ardant(She wants to stand by her dying friend Mathilde, Pierre)Melville Pobud) He works in the same hospital. They bump into each other at the vending machine where she wants to buy soup, which he tries to dissuade her from. You buy it anyway and then it disappears. 15 years later, Pierre, who is with his classmate Jeanne (C├ęcile de France) has two children, by another coincidence Shauna again. He recognizes her immediately, and she doesn’t remember him. The married doctor soon develops feelings for the woman some 25 years his senior, and later seeks to get close to her again, even risking his family life to do so.

It can happen from time to time in life: Even though you are in a relationship, you fall in love with someone else. The situation is always difficult for everyone involved. The French drama Young at Heart takes this situation and combines it with another topic, which is still taboo for some when the woman is much older than the man. Anyone who missed seeing the star-studded film in the cinema a few months ago has had the opportunity to watch the DVDs since December 8, 2023. We received two copies at the start of sales and will distribute them to all participants of our competition.

Simply send us a message by 22 December 2023 using our competition form, entering your name and address* and choosing the competition you want. Otherwise we will not be able to consider you in the drawing. good luck!

* * We only need your data for the contest. After the competition ends, it will be deleted again.

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