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You have to wait a few more months for the iPod Mini 6

You have to wait a few more months for the iPod Mini 6

After being pointed out in the first quarter of this year, it looks like Apple will be postponing the long-awaited iPod Mini 6 to the second half of 2021. This message is presented by Ming-chi Guo The small tablet can grow the market share of the Cupertino brand.

Quo guarantees that Apple will work on the iPad mini with a mini-LED screen, just as it did with the 20.9-inch iPod Pro 2021 offered in mid-April. If confirmed, it is clear that Tim Cook will not be in the mood to drop this version of his tablet, updating his bet on a segment that still seems to have enough fans.

The Apple iPad Mini 6 should offer a larger screen, but not compatible with USB-C

According to rumors circulating in recent months, Apple should choose to offer an 8.4-inch screen in this mini version of the iPad, with special emphasis on the laminated display that fans have been demanding for so long.

Despite the large screen, the general dimensions of this tablet should be the same as the previous versions, thanks to the option for slim frames to give the next iPod mini a more modern look. Even so, the Touch ID sensor should be selected and located on the Home button.

Contrary to what fans may be hearing, the Apple iPad Mini 6 is unlikely to have a USB-C charging port and maintains a lightning port, which always categorizes the brand’s products. This option not only justifies the fact that it is not a “pro” tool, but also helps to control production costs and respective consumer costs.

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For now, there has been a slight improvement in terms of specifications, but it is not surprising that Apple has chosen to market the iPad mini with the A14 bionic processor, which is included within the iPhone 12 and iPod Air4.

In the next few months, more information about this Apple Mini tablet will be released, which could lead to further delays.

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