August 19, 2022


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Epic Game Store: The Test Reveals the Price of Free Games

Epic Game Store: The Test Reveals the Price of Free Games

Examples abound Appeared Starting in December 2018 the first game distributed for free by the store, viz Subnatica. Although the store was just born, the study game was downloaded by 4.6 million people and created 804,052 new user accounts. Among the first free games to be placed online at the Epic Game Store, Subnatica The studio is one of the most expensive for epic games, offering $ 1.4 million in compensation to unknown worlds. In comparison, his successor Super Meat Boy Epic games cost just $ 50,000. The latter generated fewer downloads (1.7 million) and significantly fewer new accounts (97,042).

Find a game that has a strong impact Subnatica, Epic Games Batman Arkham Collection Presented By September 2019 We Must Progress (Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Knight) In the cycle of free games. Enough to generate 6.4 million downloads and 613,912 additional accounts, all of which are against the 1.5 million compensation for WB games. The list will be discontinued in the first 9 months of the epic game store, unfortunately we do not know how much we had to pay for such exciting activities as epic games GTA V His crutch made the store staff bend over in May 2020, or Total War Saga: Troy It was available for free in store 24 hours a day on the day of release.

In any case, the results of these first 9 months paid Epic Games Studios $ 12 million in exchange for these 38 free games, allowing them to generate 104 million downloads and 5 million new accounts. This equates to 37 2.37 spent for each new user attracted to the store, which seems to be an interesting strategy for epic games, we know that a small portion of these users have spent since.

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Influential voice in the field of independent development, Rami Ismail Moved by the invention of these figures, it urges developers to ask for more money from big companies. Some small amounts of spending epic games a week for free Axium margin ($ 80,000), Rhyme ($ 45,000) or The last day of June ($ 75,000). Based on the column “User acquisition cost“, We find Epic Games to be the most expensive game with the number of new accounts created in the epic game store. Celeste. Epic Games spent 50,000 750,000 to display the platform game for free for a week, and it generated 2.7 million downloads for 62,523 new accounts.

Temporary uniqueness: Borderlands 3 Example

Epic Games spends money every week getting new users with free games, but it also does so to give it temporary uniqueness. For example, this is it Borderlands3 It was released at the Epic Sports Store in September 2019 and did not come on Steam until March 2020 after a 6-month exclusive deal. We are To learn This foreclosure cost Epic Games 6 no less than 146 million (115 million for the game, and marketing costs). As a result of the operation, Epic Game claimed to have recovered at least $ 80 million in warranties over a 2-week period. Importantly, 53% of the 1.56 million users who purchased the game are not yet in the store’s ecosystem.

As a reminder, we recently learned that the Epic Games Store reported 1,181 million in 2019 and 3,273 million in 2020. For Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, these losses are the result of a calculated strategy. To get the slightest chance to be against Jagannath Steam, the store is still in the expensive stage of getting users with free and exclusive games. “Apple says it’s a waste of money, but spending today to build a better and more profitable business in the future is the right investment policy! This is also true if you are building a factory, shop or game.“, Tim Sweeney replied Twitter Its strategy has been shut down by Fortnite’s biggest revenue.

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