April 15, 2024


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Xbox News: “Sinking City 2,” “Monster Jam Showdown,” and “Sleight of Hand”

Xbox News: “Sinking City 2,” “Monster Jam Showdown,” and “Sleight of Hand”

At yesterday's Xbox Partner Preview, a total of 14 games from famous studios that will be published for Xbox and Windows were shown. These ads also included three new ads that some players will greatly celebrate: “The Sinking City 2,” “Monster Jam Showdown,” and “Sleight of Hand.”

Sunken City 2

With The Sinking City 2, Frogwares returns to the dark roots of HP Lovecraft's fictional city of Arkham. The game, which made its world premiere during the Xbox Partner Preview, promises a visceral horror gaming experience in which you control a new character through the flooded streets of Arkham. You have to solve puzzles and defend yourself against the brutal townsfolk. The sequel seems to take a step forward in terms of atmosphere and excitement and could please fans of the genre.

Monster Jam showdown

Milestone's “Monster Jam Showdown” brings the thrill and adrenaline-packed action of monster trucks straight to your game room. You can get behind the wheel of legendary vehicles like the Megalodon, El Toro Loco and Grave Digger and start competing. The game offers amazing stunts and fast racing.

hand trick

Sleight of Hand from Riffraff Games offers a mix of stealth gameplay and spy action. In this third-person game, you use a cursed deck of cards to infiltrate a group of witches in the rainy town of Tabo.

The three games are just a glimpse of what awaits Xbox fans in the near future. You can find all the ads from the latest show here: