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World Premiere of the California Concept: What Does Hybrid Technology Bring?

World Premiere of the California Concept: What Does Hybrid Technology Bring?

Anyone who has a family with many children, maybe even a four-legged friend who loves to go on vacation, would appreciate: California. And it’s ready to use on the road with the family bus in everyday life – and with much less payload. Parking problems included. But it is precisely this disparity that made ca most successful worldwide The cart in its class. After selling 260,000 units of this series, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWN) is now exhibiting at the Düsseldorf Caravan Show in the World premiere The nearby chain is studying the concept of ca. It is based on the Multivan introduced in 2021 long copyIt is larger than its predecessor, CA 6.1.

First of all: the California concept also features a pop-up roof that is almost two meters high. This element connects them all—from the first California in 1988 to the California 6.1 today. The pop-up ceiling consists of a light The roof structure is aluminum And the three-layer bellows has a large panoramic opening in front. As is the case throughout California, the pop-up roof moves to the highest position at the front. USB-C sockets and LED lights provide electricity and light. The roof lifting mechanism is actuated by a Waved On the cabinet in the C column, arranged vertically and multi-functional.

A full-featured Volkswagen bus for every day of the year, which transforms into a complete motorhome in a matter of minutes. This contrast has made the California the most successful camper in the world in its class.

© Photo: WERK

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For the first time offers advantages Integrated hybrid technologyH. The goal: to build a bridge to the world of e-mobility with its electric range. You can get around everyday urban life, but you also have to give it a go Massive total ranges for long trips. Onboard lithium-ion batteries provide a 12-volt power supply.

The living area and kitchen of the mobile home have been completely remodeled. There is also a sliding door on the kitchen side.

© Photo: WERK

This extends usability now even more than ever before The outside area of ​​the stadium Thus opens up a new dimension of summer camping. So far it has been this way: all Californias built on Bulli have the kitchen block on the left side which connects to the B pillar and a sliding door on the right side; This was the door main gate Whether in daily life or when camping.

the Folding camping chairs Therefore, the folding table and awning are also always placed on the right side of the vehicle. From now on, it goes like this: With the California CONCEPT model, Volkswagen commercial vehicles now also open the doors of lleft side of the car for camping. This makes California even more versatile as a motorhome.

Because the study left with a Articulated arm canopy Equipped with a sun sail on the right, both sides of the vehicle can be shaded or protected from rain. The sun sail can be used in a few moments. The umbrella has a crank that stores securely in the umbrella housing.

The three-chamber concept aims to expand the outdoor and indoor situations of the camping pitch and daily life, and increase the range of applications and ease of use in California.

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The right side of the car is served with it Sliding door As with the current California 6.1, safe curbside entry and exit in everyday life. Loading and unloading is correspondingly safe and easy. At the campsite, thanks to the canopy, this area becomes an open tent and an extended space outdoors in nature.

The concept of the basic two-sliding-door vehicle enables a new concept of three rooms with a kitchen that can be used from the outside. This gives a more spacious feel and is probably more practical when loaded.

© Photo: Plant

In everyday life, a second sliding door provides more entry and exit and additional loading options on the driveway at home or in front of the supermarket. When camping, this is the real deal with space Cooking and eating under the umbrella. Because the kitchenette is equipped with sink, slide-in induction hob and refrigerator It is now also accessible from the outside.

Plus 230 volts induction hob There is also an integrated gas cooker as is known from previous generations. There is also a 230V socket outside. Kitchen drawers are accessible from both the outside and the inside.

Nice: compact grill, which can be stored in the kitchen unit and easily removed from the outside.

Compared to today’s California, lightweight, removable and extremely comfortable single seats are used.

© Photo: WERK

The entire interior is behind the perimeter 180-degree swivel front seats (height-adjustable) is the usual, flexibly usable passenger compartment of a Multivan in everyday use. Compared to today’s California, lightweight, removable and extremely comfortable single seats are used. Thanks to the changing seats, now you can too Boards and bikes Easier to transport indoors. If the California is used as a camper, the seating area can be converted into a seating area lying surface For cooling or converting into a direct seating arrangement for dining or playing together. The California 6.1’s oversized rear seat offers individual variable seating in this concept Sleep function space. The seats are covered in a heavy duty fabric cover.

If the Multivan is used as a stroller, the seating area can be converted into a lounging area or into a direct seating arrangement for eating or playing together. The California 6.1’s oversized rear seat provides space for individual seats with sleep functions in the new California Concept.

© Photo: Werk

Since the Multivan has an electric parking brake instead of a manual brake, the corridor Between the driver and front passenger seats in the rearward direction is more usable. Practical drawers under the front, height-adjustable swivel seats and individual benches in the rear expand storage space. This means space behind the driver’s or front passenger’s seat, for example, for a removable seat Separate dry toilet available.

All camping-related features are controlled via the touch screen. In addition to the pop-up, this includes information about what’s new and sewage level, interior lighting functions, power supply status, refrigerator and parking heater. In addition, all these functions can also be accessed via a smartphone via The Cali app on tour It is controlled by the infotainment system. A tilting screen can also be called upon via the infotainment system in order to align the camper horizontally.

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