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Workplace booking system for flexible working

Workplace booking system for flexible working

Demands for flexible working arrangements have rarely changed as fundamentally as they have in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced both employers and employees to implement flexible working models. While in 2019 home office Belonging to the exception, this prospect has become an integral part of the working world within a very short time. Sharing a workplace or sharing a desk in a workplace is also becoming more common. Not only does this model allow for flexible working, but it can also help the company save money. In contrast to the traditional model, here the employee no longer has a fixed workplace, but can use offices and meeting rooms flexibly, depending on their availability. This is exactly where workplace reservation systems like FlexWhere come in.

Advantages of a workplace reservation system

Image from StartupStockPhotos on Pixabay With the help of a workplace reservation system, corporate workplaces can be designed more flexibly.

The employee can use the application Workstation reservation system Book their workplace quickly and easily using the desired criteria, such as a window seat or in a quiet area, but also in the canteen. Employees can also book the desired date and time using the specified workspace or another resource, such as a meeting room. There is also the option to search for a colleague’s workplace specifically. FlexWhere makes finding the right place or person you need a lot easier. With the workplace reservation system, the employee can specify before starting work in which office and next to which colleagues he would like to sit today.
In addition to the required workplace reservation, there are many other benefits of workplace reservation systems, such as a direct occupancy plan, profile management, or the use of check-in and check-out processes.

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With a convenient workspace reservation system, such as FlexWhere, it’s easy to create space for confidential discussions, team building, and focused work without having to resort to a strict office concept. With proper planning using a powerful workplace reservation system, your company will not only be more flexible, but also more attractive to current and potential employees.

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