April 23, 2024


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Without Oxygen OS, are you still ready to buy OnePlus?

Without Oxygen OS, are you still ready to buy OnePlus?

After the recent announcement that Oxygen OS is dropping, what is your position on the future of the brand? Does this change paralyze your eyes or, conversely, is it good news? Let us know in this week’s poll!

Without Oxygen OS, are you still ready to buy OnePlus?

This Monday, September 20th, OnePlus announced key news for its brand’s future: OnePlus smartphones will no longer be released with OxygenOS by the end of 2022. Pete Lowe, co-founder of OnePlus and now Oppo & Product Manager of OnePlus, released the news during a digital panel discussion. Frontroid And various media.

OnePlus trademark?

The reactions to this announcement are numerous. For some fans of the brand, this is too much. For them, it is like OnePlus without OxygenOS Apple Sans son Lightning. Especially since that timeNotice of affiliation with Oppo, The brand has repeatedly promised that its OS will be compatible.

Oxygen OS was a big part of the identity of OnePlus smartphones. The Chinese brand promises that the new OS will combine the best Oxygen OS and Color OS. What can be promised to some and some fans of the brand? Do we really see the renaissance of OnePlus?


Because in recent months, the company has raised many questions and Many are already worried about losing its credibility. Some fans may have already turned the page.

Finally the OnePlus experience has an irresistible camp that is not limited to its OS. For them, this interface change may even be good news.

Are you still interested in OnePlus?

It is against this background, but to see more clearly, we would like to dedicate our survey for this week to this question.

As usual, if you want to justify your choice or want to share with us what you think is appropriate in this matter, do not hesitate to do so in the comments section. Over the weekend, we will create a collection of the most interesting ideas for us.