October 24, 2021


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Windows 11 is preparing for its "consumer" release

Windows 11 is preparing for its “consumer” release

The first version of Windows 11 will be downloaded soon. The date is set for October 5th. Meanwhile, the operating system is ready and a new step is taken. The release of the Windows 11 21H2 Insider program is provided by the preview channel.

This is the final test of this release. Windows 11 is now available on the Release Preview Channel. It can be accessed from qualified computers, which means it meets the minimum requirement with compatible drivers. There are still some changes here and there, but we’re talking about “minor” issues for this 22000.194 release.

Microsoft has two more weeks to improve its overall operating system experience. Of course, when errors are made and corrections are made, it is planned to continue its development thereafter.

Windows 11 Built 22000.194, Release Preview

Note that this version of Windows 11 is not automatically downloaded and installed. This is provided as an option. You need to go to this address to get the update.

Paramètres > Mise à jour et sécurité > Windows Update

Then you have to manually select the “Download and Install” option (you must be registered in the launch preview channel). If you select “Stay on Windows 10 for now”, you will get Windows 10 21 H2 (October 2021 update). If your computer has a compatible hardware configuration, Windows 11 will be offered in the form of a simple Windows update. It may take a while to download. Requires approximately 3GB of data.

Windows 11 promises big changes. The most attractive fact is the interface with a very modern look. It goes through a new Start Menu, a new Action Center, Central Taskbar Icons, a new Microsoft Store and more. Microsoft gives up dynamic tiles. The October 5 release will introduce all of these new features, but Microsoft wants to continue to improve its environment. For example, it is already planned to introduce connection options that appear above the power options.

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Finally, gradually comes Windows 11. They are designed to be used in waves to ensure everything runs smoothly. Of course, the D-Day operating system for your computer may not be available. So patience will be required. This giant has set a goal to deliver a free Windows 11 update to all eligible PCs before mid-2022.