June 23, 2024


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Windows 11 Sun Valley Microsoft evento versão

Windows 11 or Sun Fence? What is Microsoft preparing for your event?

There is something very important that Microsoft needs to make on the 24th. It started with a message from its CEO Satya Nadella in the final framework and was signed with a post on Twitter indicating the date of the event.

Speculation began on the same day that several nodes pointed to the arrival of Windows 11. Of course, the well-known late 2021 update is not forgotten, many believed it was the Sun Valley. Now, with the new sources, the confusion has grown even bigger. Windows 11 or Sun Fence?


Microsoft is preparing its event on the 24th, where the future of Windows will be revealed no matter what the name. This brand has left little notes about what it creates, without always making progress with the things it creates.

The evidence is contradictory and points to the possibility. One of them came and showed that the name of the next edition was Sun Valley. In Support page This name comes from Microsoft.

Windows 11 Sun Valley Microsoft Edition Event

That page has a clear reference to the Sun Valley version next to Windows 10. However, the page changed and these notes disappeared. However, it is clear that Microsoft understands that this new version will be with Windows 10.

Shortly afterwards, Microsoft returned to Windows 11, contrary to what it had announced. The evidence here is very sensible, but it is. Video released on the 24th with the aim of calming down those waiting for the news.

This video is based on the initial sound of the latest versions of Windows, but down to 4,000%. Now this video is exactly 11 minutes long and has a special feature that holds the shadow in a window where the number 11 can be seen. There are also many sunset landscapes (Sun Valley).

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They may be unsubstantiated theories or evidence, and we insist on seeing where they are not, but the truth is, there is something important to be prepared for. It will be on the 24th, at which time Microsoft will reveal Windows 11 or the future of the Sun Valley or whatever it can be called.