March 21, 2023


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Will artificial intelligence revolutionize cryptography?

In November 2022, relatively unknown OpenAI announced that it had launched a revolutionary AI chatbot that turned the technology landscape upside down. Thanks to machine learning, artificial intelligence has a wide range of capabilities. ChatGPT can provide answers to complex questions, code, or even write entire scripts – and it’s (still) completely free.

ChatGPT gets really buzzing fast. Videos are circulating on social media where a chatbot explains Bitcoin, for example, while appearing to be former US President Donald Trump. In less than a week, ChatGPT has 1 million users. Experts see potential in the tool to break up the Google search engine monopoly. The tech giant interacts with its chatbot Bard and receives a grudge during his show due to a factual error in an answer.

However, mankind is excited about the possibilities of new technology. At the same time, the fascination sparks a discussion about the effects of artificial intelligence on various spheres of society. Where will machines replace humans, how can AI texts be recognized and what risks do new technology really pose with regard to fake news?

ChatGPT has already found its way into the economy. According to a survey by data platform Statista, more than 900 companies implemented OpenAI products in their business operations in January. The majority came from the technology and education sectors.

Smart contracts off the assembly line?

And the disruptive technology doesn’t stop at the crypto space either. The prices of the so-called AI tokens are going through the roof. With chatbot capabilities, it is entirely conceivable that tokens will be generated automatically in the future, experts say.

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