January 25, 2022


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Why are board games so good for us?

We will definitely slide board games under the tree. And we’re right, because in addition to being entertaining, it also benefits us. Already, they have the power to bring us together, all generations combined. They can avoid arguing about politics, vaccination, and other sometimes painful topics.

While we are in an increasingly individual world, play is a way to come together with others. Anything that can break isolation is good for our mental health. Because we are above all social beings.

More precisely, what is the benefit? Rolling the dice, having cards in your hand, putting a piece of the game on a square… all this provides touch pleasure and above all, it is reassuring!

Board games are real, we are far from the intangible digital world. And that, well, has something soothing about it. Also because they create, so to speak, a “magic circle”, through which everyone must respect the same rules.
Board games also allow people to experience adventures without taking any real risks.

Spaces to learn how to relate to others

It’s fun, it’s calming, and it has other benefits. Board games can be very educational. It helps children to develop their attention skills, enrich their vocabulary, refine their logic, stimulate their creativity, their spirit of cooperation / and also teaches them patience because when you play, you have to wait for your turn.

They are great learning spaces where we also experience the relationship with the other. At the school level, it is often used by alternative schools, such as Montessori. For adults, board games are also a good activity to keep your mind sharp! And whether we are young or old, they teach us to manage our emotions well, and especially to accept loss…

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There is always an element of chance in board games. This is also good opportunity is inseparable from the game, but is in its essence. Keeps the fun suspenseful. The game has not been previously won by anyone. It gives everyone a chance, and allows us to escape the relentless tyranny of competition, which ranks you from strongest to weakest, smartest to dumb.

Opportunity is a great peacemaker! It allows us to accept defeat, and really prevents us from getting angry. After all, if the other wins, he’s lucky, right?

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