July 21, 2024


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Where the Heart Goes – July 13 is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

Where the heart goes, A dream story journey through the past of one of AAA players Studio Armor, Released just minutes before PlayStation Indie Day, which will be released on Tuesday, July 13th via backward compatibility on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The physics version will be released on the same day Perp Games Published.

When husband and father Witt Anderson make a drowning to save the family dog, he unknowingly sinks into a journey through time. Suddenly he immerses himself in visions of his past, present and future, discovering that he can change them and change the course of his life forever.

With thousands of choices and dozens of conclusions in a scrolling, editing and heart-breaking story, Ware Heart Leeds offers 600,000 word scripts that compete for five novels or even the largest AAA RPGs. In White’s life, from childhood and adolescence, to stumble as a teenager, to think about his works as an old man. Enjoy a full life full of results and their consequences.

A wide range of memorable, intricate characters fill Wit’s life with love, fear, serenity and restlessness. Deal with the difficult decisions that friends, family, and other loved ones make. Support your brother’s interest in the arts or push him into a more regular life. Advise your partner or give her space to solve her problem by herself. Witz’s choices may have led to his estranged wife and children, unlike anything he knew before, or to his own destruction.

With the proud support of PlayStation Indies try Heart Leeds reveals the carpet with a rich description of detailed, realistic writing style and mesmerizing graphics in watercolor style. Be amazed at the surrealistic landscapes that evoke dreams and their changing realities. Explore detailed contexts to find magazine entries, emotional items and other artifacts from the past. Find out if the grass is green, if destiny can change, and how one life hovers over countless others.

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“The life we ​​lead is complicated – countless invisible texts record our story,” said Todd Keller, director of Armature Studios. “Heart Leeds invites players to think about where that knot is pulling, where the players were, where they are going, what’s important, even if life is scary and the path is uncertain.”

Tuesday, July 13th. Heart Leeds dreams of a different life on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 via compatibility lagging behind 24.99. The physics version is scheduled for release on the same day via Perp Games. Look at the lives of Witt and his family Twitter, Instagram And Facebook Or visit Official website.

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