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Wheels vs Doors review and critique of the guessing game

Wheels vs Doors review and critique of the guessing game

The title of the game “Wheels vs Doors” already indicates that strange comparisons await us here. If you then know what's more in the world, it's easy for you to win this game played by Matt Edmondson (Format Games). Wheels vs Doors is a group game for 2 to 12 people, and depending on the instructions, it's a lot of fun to play in teams.

This is how wheels versus doors work

The game takes place in several rounds, which consist of so-called VS rounds. There are 144 fact cards divided into three decks. There are six facts on each card, two of which are chosen at random and must be compared to each other. There are six VS cards with numbers from one to six, two of which are always revealed at random.

These two of the six facts on the card should be compared with each other. Opponents use chips to indicate which answer they think is the correct one. From the second round onwards, you can use up to four chips. Wheels vs Doors guessing game - Article - Image from Format Games

As a bonus, there are an equal number of wheel/door cards for the correct answer. However, if a player makes a mistake in his assessment, he loses a corresponding number of cards. The first person to get 10 cards of one suit together wins the game.

Praise and criticism of wheels versus doors

Wheels vs Doors is a party game about comparing unrelated facts to each other, just as the title suggests. B. It actually suggests: Are there more wheels or more doors in the world?

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In most cases, players will probably have to make guesses when making comparisons in this game. Since only two facts are compared, the success rate is definitely 50 percent.

Wheels vs Doors Guessing Game - Pack - Image from Format Games

If you play in teams, there will likely always be heated discussions that lead to tension. At least that's how it was on our tours. As is often the case with team games, it depends on the right players. If these elements are present, the game will definitely be fun. The 864 facts guarantee long-lasting pleasure that you should treat yourself to every now and then.

Information about wheels vs doors

  • Title: Wheels vs. Doors
  • Subtitle: What's more there in the world?
  • Publisher: Format Games
  • Author: Matt Edmondson
  • Number of players (from to): 2-12
  • Age (from or to in years): 10
  • Duration in minutes: 15-30
  • Vintage: 2023