November 27, 2021


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WhatsApp desktop privacidade novidade configurações

WhatsApp for desktop also gets an important new feature

For sure and firmly, WhatsApp has been delivering messages in many areas, mainly in its mobile apps, dedicated to smartphones. They are not exclusive, but this is where the news service bets the most.

The latest innovation shows that the desktop version also gets new features and has been improved for the users. These are the important improvements that WhatsApp brings closer to this version of what it offers to users on smartphones.

Although not the target of many improvements, the desktop and browser version received a novelty a long time ago. Even in beta and test versions they are now able to work independently without the need to connect to a smartphone.

As Version 2.2143.2 The display has been changed back from WhatsApp to desktop, which will be more enjoyable for the users and their interaction. At the same time, it guarantees greater security in communications.

We are talking about a new zone dedicated to privacy, which is now available for testing. As always, after maturing and resolving any issues, it will be extended to all users worldwide.

In this new section of Settings, we see options such as visibility, access to the user's photo, or message reading receipts. In practice, this is a reproduction of a part of what we have already found in smartphones.

WhatsApp desktop privacy innovation systems

One thing that is expected and not possible is the possibility of syncing these settings with other user devices. This does not mean that the information is different between different devices, so there are random settings.

There are no release dates or predictions yet for this new feature to be released to users. However, it is currently dropping beta testing soon and it will be extended to everyone so that they have more privacy even in the version dedicated to the desktop.

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