July 25, 2024


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What a “game” for the predatory clothing factory!

What a “game” for the predatory clothing factory!

Although he didn’t smudge the score sheet or even do a great snowboarding game, a member of the Nashville Predators organization managed to manage the match in their extra 4–3 win over Carolina Hurricanes on Sunday who was equipment goalkeeper Pete Rogers. .

In the winning streak, Luke Kunin broke his wand into the neutral zone. Before joining his teammates in the offensive zone, the striker passed over his bench, in order to retrieve a new wand. Once he arrived, Rogers was waiting for him with a brand new column.

This quick turn of personnel allowed Konin to head into the pocket without attracting the attention of the opposing defenders, who were already on site. He got a pass from Mikael Granlund and managed to beat the vigilance of goalkeeper Alex Nidelkovic for a 2–2 draw in the series.

“We applauded Pete after the match,” said coach John Haynes. He is an experienced equipment manager, who gets involved in the game and when [Kunin] He breaks his wand, jumps back, and I think if you go back to watch the video, you can see him taking a big step towards the stick, and taking goodness.

“He arrived in the area a little late, so the situation is much more difficult for the defenders to negotiate. It’s really a great game for Granlund to be able to spot him there, but I’m definitely raising my hat to Rogers’ House as well.”

Anyone with nearly 23 years of experience organizing “Breds” will not be able to brag about getting help with the winning goal, but he will surely be able to tell when he was, through his difficult efforts. Acting, he helped his team to a 2–2 draw in the first round series against Hurricanes in the 2021 Qualifiers.

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The Predators will try to win the third match in a row on Tuesday at Rally.