June 13, 2024


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We're sticking with Xbox – mobiFlip.de

We're sticking with Xbox – mobiFlip.de

Microsoft will provide a “commercial update” about the future of its Xbox and gaming division next week, and rumors are swirling because it seems pretty certain that Xbox games will end up on other platforms.

But can Xbox survive if previous exclusive games are available for PlayStation? We'll see, and Microsoft will have to give us a good case for that at the event in a few days.

Microsoft is sticking with Xbox

According to Shannon Liao, a well-known journalist in major American media, Phil Spencer (head of the Xbox division) has already made an internal statement in which he said that Microsoft will continue to commit to Xbox.

I do think so, but I've heard it many times at Microsoft, for example after the Nokia acquisition, when they talked about a great future for Windows Phone. We know how that ended.

Does Xbox really have a future?

Microsoft is already far behind PlayStation (there's one Xbox for every three PS5 units sold), but if games open up, fewer people will almost certainly buy a new Xbox.

While I think Microsoft is committed to it and has a medium-term plan when it comes to hardware, Satya Nadella is known for being able to “easily” walk away from things if they're not profitable.

Can you successfully sell hardware if you no longer have exclusive games? It is possible, but it is difficult, very difficult. But you definitely won't reach the level of PlayStation or Switch.