June 13, 2024


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Welcome to The Moon – Flip & Write

Welcome to The Moon – Flip & Write

The Earth is doomed and players set out to colonize the Moon. In eight different adventures, from leaving Earth to colonizing the Moon to escaping and starting over, players are always faced with new missions. This is what Welcome to the Moon is about by Benoit Turpin and Alexis Allard (Pegasus Games).

Face and write to the moon

Players can play the game or single campaigns in chronological order, or deliberately choose individual campaigns. Since adventures are always more complex and difficult to solve, it makes sense to play through them in ascending order.
Stills from Welcome To The Moon - Photo by Blue Cocker
How is it all done? In fact, the principle of the game is something with Kniffel/Yathzee related principle. Compared to dice games, however, Welcome to the Moon is a game called Flip & Write. So in German, something is revealed first and then the result is written down.

So with Welcome to the Moon, there are always three cards revealed and on the backs of previously revealed cards, there are always three new decks. Players can then use these decks for themselves and enter them accordingly into their game boards.

Everyone participates at all times

It’s also nice that the revealed combinations can always be used by all players. So there are practically no ‘downtime’ – in German: no waiting times. All players always participate in the game at the same time.

The actual game principle remains the same across all campaigns. Numbers must be written in ascending order from left to right and without repetition. Gaps can be left open in hopes of filling them with matching numbers in the next few rounds. Whoever does this best wins the respective adventure.

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Welcome to the fun moon

Welcome to The Moon - Box - Photo by Pegasus Games
Because of the ever-changing starting points and related decisions of the players, the single-player adventure story also changes. As a result, the game is guaranteed not to get boring that quickly and the replayability is kept correspondingly high.

The materials are of high quality and the various game plans, in which the scores are entered with a felt-tip pen, can be quickly and easily erased with a cloth. Many other games could learn a lesson from that. The game instructions are just a bit tricky. All necessary information etc. is available but everything reads very clumsy and requires more time to get familiar with the rules.

Welcome to the Moon is now the third game in the “Welcome To series” and whether alone or with a full crew, the game works very well with any number of players. Of course, the luck factor is relatively high in the described game principle. If you don’t mind and handle it, fun is guaranteed.

About Welcome to the Moon

  • Title: Welcome to the Moon
  • Publisher: Pegasus Games
  • Author: Benoit Turpin, Alexis Allard
  • Number of players (from to): 1-6
  • Age (from or to in years): 10
  • Duration in minutes: 25-35
  • Birth year: 2022