November 29, 2022


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Wartberg ob der Aist: a meaningful garden that combines technology and quality of life

Concento Vision Park It is the name of the modern building built on B 124 in the Wartberg/Pregarten/Hagenberg triangle. Consento means “with meaning” – and that’s exactly what connects the three masterminds Thomas Rockenshap (41), Michael Mayerhofer (43) and Manuel Butzer (31). You want to do something meaningful.

WARTBERG. The three met each other by chance. “There was overlap in our networks,” says Rockenschaub, a St. Leonard native who lives in Unterweißenbach. At Wartberger Mayrhofer and at Fieberbrunner Putzer, he found two partners who shared a passion for 100 percent new and visionary. “At Consento Vision Park we combine technology with regionalism, innovation and quality of life,” says Rockenschaub. Down to the smallest detail, future-oriented sustainable planning and construction has been implemented.

20 companies, 100 employees

Meanwhile, there are more than 20 companies in the complex, which consists of two parts of the building, employing about 100 people. The entire infrastructure is at your disposal: from “Gxunderia”, run by Manuel Putzer and based exclusively on regional organic products, to the high-tech Q-lounge fitness studio of Michael Mayerhofer. Moreover, IT technicians and project developers work on a total area of ​​3,500 square meters, and there is also a flower shop, a toy and decoration shop run by Ellis, the wife of Rockenschaub. Consento Vision Park is almost completely rented out, and there are only a few spaces left.

The concept includes families

The vision of the three masterminds does not end with an engineered perfect office or a gigabit fiber optic connection. “We offer an inclusive concept that includes families as well,” says Rockenschaub. “If you can also eat healthy and well in your workplace, fitness facilities are available and there is also fun and activity in the program, this is a healthy combination that appeals to many people in the area,” says Rockenschaub.

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Culture has a place too

Of the many synergies that have resulted from Consento Vision Park, the clubs emerge over time. The ultimate goal: connect people. One such association is the Consento Art and Culture Association. The plan is to build a network of consultants, sponsors, artists, and institutions. “We want to further stimulate cultural life in the region and give artists the opportunity to give their products and work a regional stage,” says Rockenschaub. The purposeful and visionary park will be officially opened in 2023.