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Want to track Google reviews?  Under a pseudonym?

Want to track Google reviews? Under a pseudonym?

If someone posts a review on Google under a pseudonym, affected companies want to track the review. I can understand this desire.

This is not impossible either. However, there are obstacles and they should be considered Whether rolling back is really the most effective way to solve the problem remains to be seen.

My law firm specializes in reputation law and helps clients across the country legally defend themselves against an unacceptable Google review. I offer you the following:

  1. Get a free initial evaluation from me.
  2. Send me the review as a link or screenshot via email.
  3. Give me information about why you want to delete the review.
  4. I will get back to you with a free initial evaluation.

A lawyer specializing in IT law helps nationwide

With bad Google reviews

Why can a review be written under a fake name?

You're probably wondering if it's legal to post a comment on Google under a fake name. Because basically it's not fair for you to be evaluated anonymously.

However, a reviewer is actually allowed to write and post a review under a pseudonym on Google and elsewhere. The fact that this might lead to affected companies wanting to track entry is a different matter.

This is because there is no law that requires entries in online portals to be written with real data. There is no obligation to use real names or real data.

In this regard, legally, there are no restrictions on writing under a pseudonym (unless someone else's name is used and this leads to legal problems – but that is the absolute exception!).

Google also doesn't see it as an obligation on you to write a review using your real name. Therefore, pseudonymous comments are allowed on Google. Such entry shall not be deemed immediately objectionable merely because of the use of a pseudonym.

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Frequently Asked Questions Delete Google Reviews – Top 40 Questions and Answers

Undo a Google review? Is this possible?

In principle, any Internet access can be traced to some extent. For example, after you submit a review, Google has your IP address. This IP address can provide information about who wrote the review.

But it's not that easy. Google can provide the IP address, but that doesn't show who wrote the review. Because only the owner of the connection can be identified using the IP address, not the author of the review.

The contact owner and the review author do not have to be the same person! This is where tracking really reaches its first limits.

It's also worth noting that Google isn't simply releasing an IP address just because the company feels it's been unfairly evaluated. A court order is required for this purpose.

Language profilers can sometimes identify offenders based on their writing styles and other characteristics. However, this type of Google review rollback is only recommended in extreme cases.

The data left by a reviewer on Google is often not the real data. Anyone writing a review under a fake name probably isn't signed in to Google using their real name when creating an account.

Google provides this data only upon request. Hence, tracing is not only difficult, but in some cases practically impossible.

My recommendation is to actively defend yourself against review!

I recommend that affected companies not worry so much about tracking the review, but rather about deleting the entry as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Legally, there are several starting points for this. Some of them include:

  1. The review was not written by a real customer.
  2. The entry contains incorrect statements of fact – every lie, no matter how small or insignificant, is legally unacceptable!
  3. Personal data is mentioned in the review (e.g. real names of colleagues).
  4. You will be insulted, threatened, defamed or slandered in the review.

Other constellations of cases are conceivable. Undoing a review often wastes valuable time. It's annoying when someone tries to write a review under a fake name.

It is best to take your time to hire an experienced attorney to delete the entry.

I will be happy to assist you quickly and effectively.