November 30, 2023


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Volkswagen ID.  Unveiling the GTI Concept, it previews the future electric hatchback

Volkswagen ID. Unveiling the GTI Concept, it previews the future electric hatchback

Are you ready for the perfect hot hatchback to go electric? Volkswagen prepares the sector with its old-fashioned identifier. The GTI concept at IAA Mobility 2023, which seeks to bridge the 48 years of combustion-powered GTI history with VW’s electric future.

If the red car shown here looks familiar, you’re probably thinking of a VW ID. The 2all concept that debuted earlier this year. The similarity is no coincidence – Volkswagen’s designers had the GTI in mind when designing this concept, and as such, you’ll find nearly the same features here, albeit with a black and red livery. There are sportier front and rear fascias, and it rides on Mk1 GTI-inspired wheels. The taillights are darker, and the spoiler above the hatch blends in with the black trim around the window. The grille is also blacked out with red trim, and, of course, you’ll find GTI branding everywhere.

Volkswagen ID.  GTI Concept (2023)
Volkswagen ID.  GTI Concept (2023)

At this point, we would like to tell you about the driving force behind this energetic red hatchback. For now, VW has nothing to say other than that it’s a high-performance single-engine that features an electronic front-wheel differential lock. They also offer a wide range of customization through the GTI Experience Control system, which can fine-tune everything from suspension to steering feel and sound to even creating simulated shift points mimicking GTIs from decades past.

Speaking of decades past, you’ll find more vintage goodness inside, and not just with the patterned seats. Personal achievement. The 2all’s digital interior with dual screens continues, but VW offers multiple settings on the ID. GTI concept including classic gauge displays. Do you feel like cruising around in a Mk2 GTI? You can set it up, and if you find yourself at the Nürburgring, for example, the head-up display will display a layout of the track in the lower corner of the windshield. Meanwhile, the rider can keep track of lap times… also displayed on the windshield.

Whether the technology will make it to production is unknown, but VW says the interior with a 12.9-inch central screen, 10.9-inch driver display, and variety of physical controls are close to production. The automaker also states the ID categorically. The GTI Concept is “the first glimpse of the exciting future of the GTI because the decision to enter production has been made.” And although the concept is focused on performance, Volkswagen reminds us that it’s still a practical hatchback capable of carrying five people and 17.3 cubic feet of luggage in the trunk.

When will this concept become a reality? This is also a topic that Volkswagen is not yet ready to talk about. But you can get a taste of the future at IAA Mobility 2023, where id. The GTI Concept will be shown from September 5th.