May 30, 2024


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Vanilla Ice makes different ads for Samsung refrigerators

Vanilla Ice makes different ads for Samsung refrigerators

Vanilla ice in Samsung refrigerator ads. (Image: Samsung)

The 90s have to come back and save the climate. How do you understand the new Samsung ad that suggests American rapper Vanilla Ice to increase the temperature of the refrigerator.

Most of you may be familiar with the Ice, Ice Baby song. Many may also know American rapper Vanilla Ice, who celebrated his progress with the song in 1990. The single sold over a million times in the United States alone, and the album To The Extreme was a success. Vanilla Ice, whose real name is Robert Matthew von Wingle, is not a good name on the scene. Now Samsung has hired a rapper to build the new refrigerators Saves CO2 To promote.

Vanilla Ice: Raise the heat like a sediment

Rops for the familiar sounds of the 1990s Now lower your ice, called Ice Baby Vanilla Ice For example: “Stop OK, long-term solution, Ice is back with my brand new invention” or “Something is holding me tight, energy efficient, daily and night”. The idea behind this is to increase the freezer temperature by at least one degree Celsius. Or, in the words of Vanilla Ice: “Raise the heat like a sediment!”

It is based on Samsung’s idea of ​​reducing CO2 emissions by increasing the temperature of the refrigerator. South Korean Institute of Technology According to Every household in Europe could save more than a million tons of CO2 emissions a year by increasing the temperature of its freezer by one degree Celsius. Samsung has calculated everything based on its refrigerator model RL36R8799SR. This equates to 217,000 cars or 120,000 household emissions per year.

Samsung delivers messages through music

Vanilla Ice says to be “very careful about a sustainable lifestyle”. According to him, this also includes “high energy efficiency”. He has repeatedly “opened an eye to energy saving technologies”. He is happy to work with Samsung on this project. “After all, important messages like this can be better conveyed through music,” Samsung quotes Vanilla Eyes.

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