June 8, 2023


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Vampire Survivors 0.7.3 has a secret character (it's a tree)

Vampire Survivors 0.7.3 has a secret character (it’s a tree)

A large magical tree with fruits is standing high while a brown monster attacks it.

I don’t play much vampire survivorBut I know that navigating, dodging enemies, and running are important parts of the game. So it is strange that the last secret character of the surprise that was just added in the last beta update is the fixed fruit tree. But don’t be fooled. This tree is surprisingly good at killing shit.

TFamous Castlevania DraculaLike a retro shooter, vampire survivorshe has You have received a beta update on Steam. Anyone can sign up for the game’s public beta branch to learn about upcoming features and changes, including: Latest indie game update, 0.7.3This update adds new weapons, arcanas, and some characters.

One of those new playable survivors is… *check the notes twice* Um… a tree. It’s not just a tree, it’s a magical tree. It bears some good looking fruits.

The actual name of the tree is Peppino And like the trees of life, they don’t move. However, unlike real trees (at least on the neck in the forest), Peppino can use spells, abilities and items to fend off enemy waves. It also has the ability to absorb nearby gems as they fall. What this means is that the tree remains stationary in the center of the map, surrounded by a large circular halo. You kill most things if you get too close.

You need to unlock it before you can play with this new secret tree. To do this, you must first “use Heavenly Dust to treat a total of 100,000 horses of Il Molise plants.” If you don’t know what that means or how to do it, hi! Don’t worry, people on the internet are already downloading An easy-to-understand tutorial will guide you through the process…it appears dogs are included. interesting!

If you haven’t tried yet Vampire survivorsAnd the The game was recently entered the game cardSteam is only $3, but you can save money by saving money. Good.

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