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[Eternal Tree]Sort by Risemara[Etatsuri]|  AppMedia

[Eternal Tree]Sort by Risemara[Etatsuri]| AppMedia

It is an arrangement for each Risemara of Etatsuri (Eternal Tree). Introducing fantasy armor, characters, echo and how to do Risemara. Please look at it as a reference when you start eating.

Sort by Risemara

Risemara Ratings Quick Reference Table

First, aim for the fantasy shield!

In Risemara, it becomes the main focus of the partyLet’s prioritize securing a “dummy shield”.Characters can be secured to some extent by redrawing the gachas bonuses and logging in after the tutorial, the probability is higher than the dummy shield, so it is difficult to get it later.

After securing the Imaginary Shield, it is a good idea to secure the characters and Echos that are compatible with the Imaginary Shield.

Recommended redrawing of the gacha . strike character

Introducing SS dummy armor rank

Introduction character rank SS

Input Echo Rank Echo

Noun Brief Introduction
Eternal Tree_Forest Aoidos_IconOidos Forest ・Increases the attack power and resonance technique of water characters
Water Character Resonance increases damage limit
Eternal Tree_ Angel_Iconfallen angel ・Increases the attack power and resonance technique of dark characters
The upper limit of the damage of the Dark Character Resonance Technique has been increased
Eternal Tree_Day_Arcvow day ・Increased attack power of Earth-type characters
The lower the character’s HP of the ground, the higher the attack power.
Eternal Tree_Hunting _Iconbetween hunting ・The higher the health of the dark character, the higher the attack power.

Which gacha should I look like?

Gacha contract and recommendation level

gacha . contract Recommendation level
Rosalie Pickup_Eternal TreeFace Wind Theme Limited Time ★★★★ ☆
Dongzhi Pickup_Eternal TreeWater theme meeting for a limited time ★★★ ☆☆
Fixed outer treefixed gacha ★★ ☆☆☆
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Rosalie Gasha recommended!

Rosalie Pickup_Eternal Tree

We recommend the Limited Time Theme Wind Show where Rosalie is selected.

Rosalie is a very excellent character among the wind themes, and if you draw her with the fairy shield corresponding to the wind theme, you can get an advantage from the start by adding an “Amy” that you can get the login bonus on the second day of release. I can go.

Sometimes I wait until 6/25

Natsuiro Nagisa_outer tree

From 6/25 (Saturday), the summer only event “Natsuiro Natsuiro Nagisa” will start.

Gacha will also start with limited characters in swimwearTherefore, it is a good idea to start Risemara when the gacha swimsuit arrives.

Risemara’s End Timing

I want to aim for an illusory armor right now

Right now, I want to target a Fantasy Armor _ Eternal Tree

Aim to get an imaginary shield in Risemara.

The fantasy shield is similar to the commander in the battle of this game,Depending on what kind of blessing skills the Imaginary Shield has, the policy for subsequent training and party organization will also be determined.

If possible, try to get multiple dummy armorIt is good to be able to organize as many parties as possible.

Divided into feature enhancement and echo enhancement

Fantasy shields are divided into those that enhance certain attributes and those that enhance certain blessed skills.

The type that strengthens the attribute has a wider effect range than the type that strengthens the skill of grace, but the effect value is low, and the type that strengthens the skill of grace has a high impact value rather than a narrow range of effect.

The gacha spawn rate is also set to lower for the type that strengthens the protection skill.Therefore, in Risemara, I would like to draw a genre that strengthens the skill of Grace as much as possible.

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How to do Risemara and how long does it take

The gacha herself is yaminabe

Gacha itself is the Yaminabe_Eternal . tree

Although the genres are divided into characters, fictional shields (fantasy objects) and echoes (echo), the gacha itselfIt is a yaminabe specification in which the three types are mixed.

The probability of SSR itself is 5%, which is reasonable, but it is good to consider that it will take a long time to select a specific character or dummy armor.

Emission rate by rarity

5% 20% 75%
Character: 2%
Imaginary shield: 1%
echo: 2%
Character: 10%
echo: 10%
Character: 40%
echo: 35%

Once about 20 minutes

Risemara 1 time about 10 minutes _ eternal tree

The gacha will be released after clearing 1-8, but if you skip all conversations, you can do it in about 10 minutes at a time.

Skip is divided into Skip at the top right where you can skip conversations and scenarios, and Skip at the bottom right where you can skip the tutorial itself. Because it will be finishedFor the first time, it is recommended to use the override above the right only.

However, it takes about 20 minutes each time, considering the installation time, because it is necessary to repeat the uninstall → install the application at the time of resemara.

The result after redrawing the infinite gacha is important

Results after redrawing infinite gacha task_outer tree

Etatsuri can draw gacha which can be redrawn as many times as you want after the tutorial,The number of gachas here is limited to a maximum of 2 SSR characters.

The most important imaginary shield has not yet been taken outTherefore, it is better to secure a minimum SSR in gacha redraw and not select the contents too carefully, but to see the gacha result after gacha redraw and decide whether to continue resemara.

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resmara stream

  1. End the tutorial
  2. Secure minimal SSR with gacha . repaint
  3. Receive gifts and quest rewards on the home screen
  4. Pull the gacha as much as you can
  5. If you don’t like the result, uninstall the app
  6. Reinstall and go to ① again

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