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Valve reveals that it paid development costs for over 100 open source developers when developing Steam Deck – GIGAZINE

Valve reveals that it paid development costs for over 100 open source developers when developing Steam Deck – GIGAZINE

by Tamashikari tamas

Game distribution platformsteamis a developervalveIt is a gaming laptopsteam surface” developmentprotonorMesaSteam Deck designer Pierre-Loup Griffais revealed that he pays development costs for more than 100 open source developers working on development such as.

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In an interview with The Verge, when asked, “How many people were involved in the development of Steam Deck?” ’ Griffais said, ‘The Steam Deck took two years to design with Valve’s hardware team of 20-30 people, and was built in-house. It is a device developed by bringing together other divisions of the company.” Griffais also said that Valve isChromebookIn addition to Steam development for Proton, Mesa, andVulcanI explained that we’re making a decentralized effort to pay development costs directly to the more than 100 open source developers working on development.

Developed by Valve, Steam Deck is a Linux platformSteamOSAlthough it is a gaming laptop, general computer games only support running on Windows. The key is the “Proton” compatibility layer that allows games developed for Windows to run on Linux.Proton makes most Windows games out of the box on LinuxAs it turns out, however, it appears that Valve aims to further improve this compatibility and make all Windows-compatible titles playable on Linux as well.

With Valve’s support, investment in games that can be played on Linux has expanded to hundreds of millions of yen annually.

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Griffais also said, “Valve Wred hatWithout it, Linux desktops and Linux games would be decades behind the status quo. “We have a strategy,” he said.

In response to Mr Griffais’ remarks, an outside Reddit bulletin board user said: ‘It wasn’t realistic to use a Linux machine as a gaming machine before Valve started working on Proton. It’s amazing how games are getting better on Linux,” he said, praising Valve for improving the entire Linux system.

On the other hand, one user praised Valve, but said: ‘Valve didn’t create something out of nothing, they funded something that already existed to create and publish it as their own brand.

“Not only do we plan to update the Steam Deck software indefinitely,” said Lawrence Yang, Steam Deck designer like Griffais, “but the Steam Deck itself is still in development, and the Steam Deck will be sold for several generations in the future.”
The Steam Deck has been on sale in Japan since December 17, 2022 (Saturday), and GIGAZINE is already reviewing it, so please check it out if you’re interested.

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