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[Valorant]Recommended game settings for beginners |  AppMedia

[Valorant]Recommended game settings for beginners | AppMedia

We have summarized the recommended game settings for beginners in Valorant (VALORANT). Please refer to those who have just started Valorant.

Recommended game settings for beginners

Adjust mouse sensitivity

Valorant_Beginner's Guide_Mouse Allergy

mouse sensitivityIt is an item that is directly related to the target movement, and it is important to adjust it to a value suitable for you in order to accurately attack the enemy.

The mouse’s high sensitivity makes it difficult to accurately match the head, so mainly for beginnersIt is recommended to set it to a low value.he is.

Brave Mouse Sensitivity Baseline

low sensitivity middle sense High sense
eDPI 200 or less 250 300 or more
turning distance 30 cm or more 25〜6 cm less than 22 cm
Setup example 800 dpi x 0.25 800 dpi x 0.31 800 dpi x 0.38

Click here for professional mouse sensitivity and detailed setting method

Change key setting (key binding)

Valorant_Keybind_ Recommended Settings

Basically, it is better to set the main settings according to personal preference, but if you are a newbie to FPS, you should set it as below and adjust it to your liking while playing.

Key settings recommended

project Adjust
default travel mode Being
Walk left shift
walking key on me
squat left Ctrl
Bending switch turning off
Equipped with screws 4
Use of nails 4
object use e
different abilities
* If the mouse is in use
side button
sniper scope aiming switch
Zoom player Course
rimming range turning off
use pin preference
View Map preference
Click to talk preference
radio steering wheel
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* Setting the key is just a guideline, so set it so that it is easy for you to do.

Change the settings for the display of the mini-map


The mini map is an interface that is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen during a match.The locations of allies and enemies discovered are also displayed.

In the initial state, it is set to display in a cut-off state, so make sure of thatChanged to display the entire mapKeep it.

Thumbnail settings are recommended

project Adjust
rotate rotate
Keep the player in the middle turning off
Map thumbnail size 1.2
Zoom in the mini map 0.85
View a mini map view on me
Show package name on the map always visible

Changed to crosshairs for easier head shots

VALORANT_ Recommended Game Settings_ Crosshairs

The crosshair is the cross hair that appears in the center of the screen, and the bullets will fly where the crosshair is directed.

Valorant has a very high head injury value, so we’ve made it easy to target head injuries in the medium to long term.It is recommended to keep the size inconspicuous.he is.

Recommended crosshair settings

project Adjust
cross color preference
Outline turning off
Outline opacity 0
contour thickness 1
center point turning off
inner line opacity 1
Inner line length 4
Inner line thickness 2
Inner line compensation 2
Outer line opacity 0
External line length 0
Outer line thickness 0
Outside line compensation 0
movement error turning off
shooting error turning off

Click here for recommended crosshair settings

Change to graphics settings with less delay (lag)

VALORANT_Game Settings_Recommended_Graphics

Graphics can be tuned for resolution and graphics quality, and turning off extras like VSync reduces lag (lag) and makes it easier to beat the shot.

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Especially since Valorant is a game where the game is decided in an instant,It is recommended to increase game performance by reducing the load on the computer as much as possiblehe is.

Graphics settings are recommended

project Adjust
Frame mode Full Screen
Precision 1920 x 1080
balanced dimensions mail box
FPS limit turning off
Max FPS Monitor refresh rate value
Nvidia Reflex Low Latency On + Boost
Material a little
texture a little
the details a little
user interface a little
vignette turning off
VSync turning off
edges no one
Anisotropic filtration 1x
Clarity increase turning off
Thrives turning off
Shadows in first person turning off

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