April 17, 2024


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Two-way shipping is expected to start rising in 2028

Two-way shipping is expected to start rising in 2028

Two-way shipping is slowly gaining momentum in Germany. (Image: Stellantis)

Two-way charging could open a new business model for e-car drivers and network operators. To date, buffering and refeeding of the traction stream into the grid has not been implemented in Germany. The road map has now been published by the Advisory Board National Charging infrastructure control center This must change quickly.

Specific recommendations for action relate to the most important variables of bidirectional charging from the household supply via the electric vehicle battery (Vehicle to home(until it is fed to the public electricity grid)vehicle to the network). For the first mentioned, and least technically demanding, case, the Advisory Board expects the first commercial applications to be available next year.

It will take a little longer for V2G technology to become truly marketable. Individual car manufacturers such as Volkswagen already offer similar systems, but they are very expensive and inflexible. According to the roadmap, there could be a ramp-up of standardized and interoperable solutions for V2H and V2G from 2028 onwards. However, this will only happen if the relevant technical and regulatory standards are in place by then.

Systems must become profitable first

For two-way charging in private homes, a technically suitable electric vehicle, a special wall box and usually another battery storage unit are required. It is also possible to integrate a photovoltaic system. Currently, technology costs, even without a vehicle, are in the low five figures. In contrast, there is a potential annual revenue from electricity trading of a few hundred euros. In order to have an attractive revenue model, Wallbox and Co. may have to… To become cheaper.

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The Advisory Board also sees easy-to-use plug-and-play solutions as a desirable goal from a customer perspective. This requires standards in the areas of electrical safety, grid connectivity, digital communications, and measurement and control applications. Legally, there is still a lack of comprehensive regulations, such as fees, levies and taxes that can play a role in electricity storage and energy recovery.

V2G plays a key role in electric mobility

Overall, the authors emphasize the importance of bidirectional charging for electric mobility. Two-way charging can help consumers reduce their electricity costs by selling electricity purchased and stored during times of abundance at a profit when demand is high. This electricity trading simultaneously makes the power grid more stable because it can accommodate load peaks.

According to the federal government's plans, up to 15 million electric cars with a storage capacity of several hundred gigawatt-hours should be registered on German roads by 2030. According to a study by the Munich Energy Research Center, about a third of this energy should be used for two-way charging.