April 23, 2024


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Two new useful Google Play Store features are coming

Two new useful Google Play Store features are coming

Google is introducing two innovations to the Play Store these days that improve the way you use apps. In the web version, for example, it is now possible to create reviews for all types of devices. Previously, this functionality was always limited to the type of device with which you just opened the Play Store.

Comments on the web with more freedom

This limitation does not apply to the web version. Here you can now manually select the type of device to which the revision should apply. This is of course practical if the quality of the app is different on a smartphone than on a tablet, for example.

via 9to5Google

Google is currently rolling out this innovation to users, so it’s not yet available to everyone.

Warning about applications that may not work properly

The second innovation is that apps will show a warning when they are not working properly on the device. This helps both the user and the developer of the application. Google analyzes data about the apps and devices used. If the app doesn’t work for other users on device X, the Play Store warns of an installation that can only end in frustration.

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