November 30, 2021


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Twisted Sunflower: This Solar System Is Really Moving

from Tobias Stahl AM 19.10.2021

Smartflower unfolds in the morning, follows the sun all day and closes again in the evening to clean.

Smart Flower SolarSmartflower unfolds in the morning, follows the sun all day and closes again in the evening to clean.

Is this art or technology? A bit of both: US company Smartflower Solar has taken an example from Mother Nature and her engineering skills with their solar module. The result is a self-revolving solar flower that cleans itself.

You can think of it as a work of modern art, but it also generates energy: Smartflower Solar is a solar system – much like a sunflower – that follows the course of the sun and can align solar panels accordingly in order to always generate as much electricity as possible.

The electronic solution simulates the principle of orientation of the sun, that is, the movement of plants caused by (sun) light. When Smartflower is installed, its coordinates are written into the system, then the corresponding sensor system ensures that the solar panels always align with the sun.

More power than regular PV modules – but also significantly more expensive

The solar power plant contains twelve fan-shaped solar panels around a central point, which should be able to generate an output of up to 2.65 kilowatts per peak (kWp). according to the creator It should be able to generate up to 40 percent more energy than conventional fixed solar modules. Smartflower also offers models that can be connected directly to electric vehicle charging stations.

When the sun goes down, Smartflower closes its petals for protection and automatically cleans them to work as efficiently as possible. Construction should be possible in a few hours, it is possible to make a concrete foundation for Smartflower, but not a prerequisite.

If you want to set up the elegant device in your own garden, then dig deep into your pocket for extravagance in terms of design and functionality: at 27,600 euros, Smartflower is much more expensive than conventional PV systems.

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By far the cheapest and most environmentally friendly option is to use electricity from your PV system. On average, electricity can be generated per day for about 300 km in an electric vehicle with a solar system. The easiest way to get your own solar energy can be found at the Solar Center.

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