December 6, 2021


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PV module for outdoor and commercial ceiling installations

The module contains 144 cells half the size of M10 and has a nominal power of 540 Watts with a module efficiency of 20.89%. It is suitable for system voltage up to 1500V. The low temperature coefficient -0.341%/°C ensures higher performance at higher ambient temperatures. The NU-JD540 is based on 10-BB technology that uses round wires. This increases the performance gains of each individual cell and makes them less sensitive to microcracks. This increases the reliability of the unit. All Sharp half-cell modules contain three small junction boxes, each with a bypass diode.

Junction boxes transfer less heat to the cells above and thus increase the longevity of the modules and the overall performance of the system. Certifications according to IEC61215 and IEC61730 confirm the quality and safety of the unit. Resistance to ammonia, salt spray, sand and PID has been tested in tests. With dimensions (2279 mm x 1134 mm) and an improved frame, the NU-JD540 weighs 27.8 kg. The NU-JD540 contains 1750mm connecting cables.

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