May 27, 2024


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“TV shows have just picked up and destroyed that paradigm” – Deadline

“TV shows have just picked up and destroyed that paradigm” – Deadline

Eugene Levy remembers the fantasy films he made with Christopher Guest. The Canadian actor shared that he recently reunited with the cast Great wind For its 20th anniversary and in a new interview, Levy says these films are likely to have been completed.

“Our last one was For your respect Back in 2006, Levy said Watchman. Our fake documentaries – Chris [Guest] They always hate the term “satirical” because we’re not making fun of it, it’s more soulful than that – but they were getting a bit of a cookie-cutter in terms of story. It was all sort of the same, except we changed the subject. At a certain point, that becomes expected. In the meantime, many TV shows have picked up on this format and just destroyed it.”

Levi also shared that he’s thankful he’s no longer known for it American pie After success Sheet Creek.

“All over the world. People came up and talked about the show pretty much anywhere we visited,” he says of the series he played Johnny Rose in, adding, “ American pie The thing got a little boring. People would bring me apple pie every time I went to a restaurant or to a wedding. Which is kind of funny, but it happened a lot.”

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