February 28, 2024


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Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra High-Performance Wireless Gaming Controller with Fast Charging Dock, Customizable Power Off and Command Screen for Xbox Series [Offiziell Lizenziert für Xbox]

Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra High-Performance Wireless Gaming Controller with Fast Charging Dock, Customizable Power Off and Command Screen for Xbox Series [Offiziell Lizenziert für Xbox]

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**h2 high-performance, low-latency wireless technology: the future of gaming**

Gaming is no longer a static affair these days. Gamers expect flexibility, mobility and, above all, freedom in their gaming experience – and that's exactly what high-performance, low-latency wireless technology delivers. Our 2.4GHz Low Latency USB Transmitter enables wireless connection to Xbox controllers and Windows 10 and 11 PCs, either by plugging the transmitter directly into the device or the charging dock. In addition, built-in Bluetooth technology also enhances your gaming experience on supported Android mobile devices and smart TVs.

**h2 The revolutionary connected command screen: social media and gaming combined**

Whether you want to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games or stay in touch with friends – the all-in-one connected command display offers you both. Are you wondering how it works? very easy:

* **Social Media Notifications h3:** Stay updated as you play and get notified about social media activity.

* **H3 Customization Options:** The full-color command display dashboard allows expanded customization options directly on the dashboard itself. Exploit the full potential of the Stealth Ultra controller and save up to 10 profiles with custom button mappings, dead zones and axis setup modes, vibration intensity, audio output enhancements and RGB lighting.

**h2 The Control Center 2 Companion App: Personalize your gaming experience from your smartphone**

Gaming these days is increasingly focused on customization – and that also applies to the Stealth Ultra controller. The Control Center 2 app gives you the opportunity to adjust your settings on the controller to suit your taste, easily from your smartphone.

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* **H3 Quick Product Updates:** Easily make updates using the Control Center 2 app so you stay up to date.

* **h3 Versatile customization options:** From social media notifications to dead zones and axis sensitivity modes, Control Center 2 lets you customize all controller settings to your taste.

**h2 Four customizable quick release buttons and customizable shutdown: Maximize your gaming performance**

Whether it's a shooter or a racing game – with four small customizable toggle buttons on the back of the controller as well as adjustable trigger stops, you can customize the Stealth Ultra Controller exactly to your needs. The full release distance of the trigger buttons is ideal for precise accelerator and brake operation in racing games, while the short trigger release ensures faster actions in shooting games.

**Up to 30 hours of H2 battery life and fast charging dock: no more tangled cables**

With up to 30 hours of wireless use and a fast charging dock, the Stealth Ultra Controller is the perfect companion for extended gaming sessions. The flat charging dock allows for a full charge in just 2 hours via USB 3.0 and only requires a connection to your Xbox or PC thanks to the USB port on the dock.

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