February 28, 2024


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Tribuna Expresso: Great Games | Benfica is pleased to have men who do not blame their colleagues, or outsmart others.

Unfortunate kralage

Courtesy of Vasco Mendonca to Verissimo after the Tondela-Benfica match, which the Reds won 2–0. This humorous and satirical analysis includes motivational psychologists, exorcists, travel insurance, emojis, and a written order in German for a particular player.

Vasco Mendonsa (unlucky for Kralage)

Hilton Litt
Gradually the memory of Odysseas Vlachodimos begins to be blurred in the memory. He didn’t need many saves, but the one he knew about the Severovich trilogy. Any rare feeling of satisfaction and faith.

Imagine you’ve spent the last few months driving a Ferrari (go ahead, good Skoda) and after you’ve had a minor accident, the insurance company offers Aixam as a replacement vehicle. It doesn’t matter if it’s only for a few days. It could be just an hour, Marta. It is unacceptable.

More important than how much Veríssimo locks (there are a few) is knowing how many situations he seems really uncomfortable and only resting when we get the ball back. They all. It is very important that Benfica do not have carriers that blur the plate and react as if it was their teammates’ fault, grass, virus, or anything else. It is good when our intelligence is not offended.

It was for a short while, but totally justified. Despite his limited understanding of the sport, the Belgian had a third-degree Portuguese-Belgian cousin who lived at Oliveira Du Hospital and thus was the most obvious choice for leading the team at the time.

Their passes seem to give more hope at Severovich’s feet than they do. He really liked what he saw at Everton and some successful groups. He would have suggested to Rui Costa aborting the loan to Palmeiras with an option to buy.

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