November 27, 2022


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This is how you save on electricity costs with solar cells and on your gaming PC

The cost of electricity increases, so we help you save.

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How can the next electricity bill be reduced as much as possible? If you’re also wondering about rising energy costs, we’ve got tips for you — for gaming PCs, but also beyond.

On the tech podcast, Misha spoke to Nils Rettig, who recently measured the power consumption of many devices when they’re idle, and to Dennis Zesky, who has managed to reduce a computer’s power consumption by up to 80 percent when it’s not. do anything.

Dennis also recently started using a small solar power plant on the roof of his garage, already saving his family €180-200 in electricity costs per year – and the trend is on the rise.

In the podcast, Dennis reported how he installs solar cells, how much they cost, what rules network operators have put in place for this, and what bureaucratic hurdles you have to consider in Germany. You can also read more about this in Dennis’ article about the solar power plant at GameStar Tech.

He and Nils also talked about how to save electricity on a computer. For example, the color of your RGB lighting and the brightness of your screen can have a noticeable effect on power consumption.

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If you don’t shy away from a bit of “trial and error”, you can also consider undervolting – that is, looking at the maximum graphics card clock and reducing the applied voltage at the same time. Little or no performance is lost in the process, as colleague Alex also described in his unimportant article.

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We also discuss the differences between sleep and hibernation, and whether it is worth turning off the computer completely every time you need it several times a day (for example, for office work). Spoiler: You’ll need a calculator to answer that.

Finally, we have some general electricity saving tips that aren’t rocket science – yet Micah was amazed he didn’t think about it.

By the way, you can read more about Dennis not only in GameStar Tech, but also on his VR page

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