December 2, 2023


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Treason |

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Indeed, things are going well in Adam Lawrence’s life (Charlie Cox). So he’s happy with Maddie (Una Chaplin(Married with two children: Ella)Pogadsdon) and Callum (Samuel Leakey). The MI6 British intelligence officer also advances professionally. anonymously, its boss Martin Angeles (Ciaran Hinds) the poisons and once they fail, it’s up to Adam to keep working. At the same time he has no idea that he is Kara (Olga Kurylenko) who carried out the assassination of Angeles with the aim of raising Adam to the top. Not only that, in this way, she hoped to obtain more information about an incident that happened long ago. The two also share a common history, which puts Adam in a bit of a mess…

Classic spy stuff

Those who love classic spy stories are currently getting plenty of supplies. Famous heroes take a break in the cinema. But there is enough material on TV and streaming services to keep you occupied for a while. The second seasons of each of them started recently Hamilton: Undercover in Stockholm And the Slow Horses: The Case of Jackson Lambthat of Alex Rider ran on free tv for the first time. With employment Brought Netflix Recently also a fun spy adventure in which a young lawyer is drawn into a much bigger story. If all of that isn’t enough for you, the video-on-demand service provider will get you covered betrayal Another series comes its turn to deal with fat intrigues again at the end of the year.

The expectation could have been a little higher. After all, British production Matt Sharman I imagined with his script Bridge of Spies – The Negotiator It showed his affinity for the subject matter and earned him an Oscar nomination. But if a hit spy drama is about historical events, oh woe betrayal Be on the cutting edge. Of course, the fact that one of the main characters is a Russian agent, you can never really tell if she belongs to the good guys or the bad guys, also fits with the current situation. Although one should not expect much inconsistency. At least with some of the characters, it can be really amazing so the audience doesn’t have to think too much.

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Lots of twists and few surprises

In general, you should instead settle your expectations for content further. Of course, it’s always fun when there’s talk of big plots, evil backers, and people playing double games. Charman, who’s also been involved with the scripts, didn’t even bother figuring out how logical or plausible all of this was. Unfortunately, he doesn’t go as far as he can to make something really interesting out of it. If you’re going to talk nonsense, you can do it really creatively. fun betrayal But then it’s very traditional. The usual stops are passed, though with many twists and turns, there is hardly anything that actually surprises you. Only in the end does something happen that most people shouldn’t have expected.

Conversely, this means that fans of such spy stories don’t make too many mistakes. The series serves its purpose. with Charlie Cox (reckless) and Olga Kurylenko (the room) There were also two prominent and experienced faces of the genre. In particular, the Northern Irish actor Ciaran Hinds (Queen, King, Ace, Spy) takes advantage of his vulgar personality. If that’s enough and he doesn’t bother you with a penchant for family drama, you’ll understand betrayal At his expense. Plus, the five episodes of the miniseries are amusingly short, which is why there aren’t any great lengths. Highlight hardly hoped. The likelihood that the New Year’s thriller will still be remembered is rather low.

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