April 17, 2024


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“Transforming artificial intelligence into a gateway to the future”

“Transforming artificial intelligence into a gateway to the future”

Graylin is Global Vice President of Corporate Development in Taiwan Technology company HTC He co-authored the best-selling book Our Next Reality – How the AI-Driven Metaverse Will Reshape the World. He has made a name for himself around the world with his work in the fields of XR (Augmented Reality) and Artificial Intelligence.

In conversation with DUP publisher Jens de Buhr, Graylin talks about the transformative power of XR and AI and the urgent need to positively channel these developments. It also highlights that the convergence of these technologies offers the potential for disruptive change. But at the same time, it can also pose serious social challenges.

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Alvin W. Graylin calls for the establishment of ethical standards

According to Graylin, implementing the right regulations and ethical standards at the right time is essential to shaping a positive future. It provides an example of how progress is already being made in lightweight XR devices and self-learning robots. He also explains how metaverses and artificial intelligence will impact the future of work.

Graylin warns in particular of the dangers of immature artificial intelligence, for example in military operations. It also emphasizes the importance of global cooperation to avoid existential threats. It calls for directing the development of artificial intelligence in a positive direction and setting ethical standards to ensure a sustainable future.