December 1, 2023


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Todd Howard thanks staff, Reddit for early access to Starfield

Todd Howard thanks staff, Reddit for early access to Starfield

Todd Howard may not be everyone’s favorite major video game character, but with the release of Bethesda’s greatest game of all time approaching, he took the time to thank his peers and even the community on Reddit ahead of the game’s launch. Early access a week before launch.

And in an internal memo he sent Windows Central Discovered, Howard told the story of the game show. “It was early 2013, we were developing Fallout 4 and Skyrim was still going strong.” he is writing. “I was there for [ZeniMax-CEO Robert Altman] To promote our next game. It wasn’t meant to be a sequel to our existing games (it seemed concerned) but it’s a great space RPG and our first new IP in over 25 years (it seemed curious). It will deal with creation and finding our place in the universe (slight wink). You can explore the galaxy in a way that only video games can. It will be called – Starfield. (smiles)

Howard also thanked Phil Spencer, saying: “His support for every game and every player has been unwavering and unwavering. Joining Xbox has brought us closer to so many people we’ve worked with for over 20 years. I can’t think of a better place to create games where the diversity of studios, developers and games can thrive.”the most importantHowever, according to Howard, it is his team. “It’s an incredible blessing to be surrounded by so many talented and inspiring people every day. It’s moments like this that make you think back. Some of us have been together for decades, some more recently, but we all have the same passion. They couldn’t be prouder of their commitment.” Continuing to create something really special.”

on reddit he wrote: “Hi everyone! You’ve been here for a long time. Thanks in advance for your passion and enthusiasm for Starfield. I remember when I started this sub-quest and as your enthusiasm grew it fueled all of us at Bethesda.”

Are you ready to play Starfield? If you’re still hesitating, our review will appear soon.

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